You can now sign up for Sony’s PlayStation Stars loyalty program in the US

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PlayStation Stars, Sony’s caller loyalty programme for PlayStation customers, is present unrecorded successful the Americas, including the US. You tin motion up for the programme for escaped connected the PlayStation Stars website oregon the PlayStation app arsenic agelong arsenic you person an big relationship for the PlayStation Network. The website warns that you mightiness beryllium enactment connected a waitlist for up to 2 months, but that wasn’t the lawsuit for maine erstwhile I signed up a fewer hours ago.

Once you’ve joined Stars, you’ll spot a caller icon adjacent your illustration avatar and sanction successful the leftmost tab of the PlayStation app. Tap that icon to spot your level arsenic good arsenic what campaigns and rewards are disposable and what collectibles you already have.

When I archetypal checked retired the program, I could enactment successful 4 antithetic campaigns that required varying levels of effort. One required playing immoderate PS4 oregon PS5 crippled to gain a integer collectible (which Sony stresses are not NFTs) that you tin show successful a virtual show case, which I completed arsenic soon arsenic I could. One run asks maine to play warring games for a antithetic collectible.

Another run lets you gain 50 points for buying 1 of a enactment of games connected the PlayStation Store, benignant of similar the golden points you tin gain connected Nintendo’s eShop for purchasing games there. Points tin beryllium enactment toward different integer collectibles, PlayStation Store credit, oregon adjacent immoderate games, similar Cult of the Lamb, It Takes Two, and Hades. You person to gain a lot of points for the bigger prizes, though; $20 successful store recognition costs 5,000 points, portion The Quarry, presently the astir costly reward available, costs a whopping 17,500 points.

PlayStation Stars volition besides way your “level” for doing things similar buying afloat games from the PlayStation Store and earning a definite fig of uncommon trophies. Most levels lone connection much collectibles, but Level 4 gives you precedence erstwhile chatting with PlayStation support. But to get to Level 4, you person to bash a ridiculous magnitude of work; not lone bash you request to bargain 4 games, but you besides person to cod an eye-watering 128 trophies.

A screenshot from the PlayStation Stars website describing the 4  antithetic  PlayStation Stars levels.

Here are the PlayStation Stars levels. You’ll person to bash a batch of enactment to get to Level 4.

Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

Things look a small buggy with PlayStation Stars truthful far. Sometimes, the app fails to load pages. And contempt opening 2 games connected my PS5, the run to play immoderate crippled took a agelong clip to people itself complete. Hopefully, Sony volition robust retired immoderate of those issues soon.

Personally, I don’t deliberation I’ll beryllium investing each that overmuch clip into PlayStation Stars. The amended rewards conscionable don’t look similar they’ll beryllium worthy the effort. But for PlayStation superfans oregon radical who mightiness already beryllium playing a batch of PlayStation games anyway, the campaigns could beryllium amusive activities to gain immoderate cute collectibles oregon points toward aboriginal purchases.

PlayStation Stars is besides unrecorded successful Asia and volition motorboat successful Europe and Australia connected October 13th.