Why does Logitech have a white Xbox Series X? (Because they put a skin on it.)

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A achromatic Xbox Series X has been spotted successful a Logitech ad

A achromatic  Xbox Series X alongside a PS5 and different   accessories

A achromatic Xbox Series X has been spotted successful an Astro Gaming ad.

Update 3:45PM ET: Per David Perez, the caput of communications for gaming astatine Logitech, the simplest reply is the close 1 — helium says they simply wrapped that Xbox Series X.

A achromatic Xbox Series X has appeared successful Logitech’s latest Astro Gaming commercial. The achromatic exemplary appears successful a caller advertisement for the Logitech-owned Astro Gaming headphone line, featuring the caller A30 wireless headphones that are compatible with Xbox Series X, PS5, and more. The commercialized shows a achromatic Xbox Series X alongside a regular PS5 and the achromatic and pinkish Blue Yeti microphones that were portion of a collaboration betwixt Logitech and Blue.

Logitech-owned Astro Gaming mightiness person chosen to usage a customized achromatic wrapper connected the Xbox Series X, but the institution hasn’t customized immoderate different products shown successful the ad, truthful it would beryllium an unusual prime to azygous retired Microsoft’s console. VGC spotted the achromatic Xbox Series X earlier today.

Microsoft presently lone ships the Xbox Series X successful black, and it uses achromatic for its much affordable Xbox Series S console. The Xbox Series S besides ships with a achromatic controller, which is besides disposable successful the ad.

The achromatic Xbox Series X quality comes conscionable days aft Logitech announced its G Cloud Gaming Handheld successful a adjacent concern with Microsoft and Nvidia. Logitech has worked with Microsoft connected the handheld to bundle Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Microsoft has adjacent helped beforehand the instrumentality connected its Xbox selling channels.

This wouldn’t beryllium the archetypal clip a achromatic mentation of Xbox hardware has leaked. In fact, it has happened respective times. A white version of the Xbox Series X controller leaked up of Microsoft officially announcing the Xbox Series S, and past the achromatic Series S was besides leaked earlier it was announced.

A smaller, slimmer mentation of the Xbox One — the Xbox One S successful achromatic — also leaked conscionable hours earlier Microsoft officially announced it. Microsoft besides created a white mentation of its archetypal Xbox One for employees, earlier officially releasing it alongside Sunset Overdrive a twelvemonth later.