It’s not just you — Slack says it’s having issues with threads, channels, and more

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If you've had excessive problems with Slack, you're not antisocial: the service's assumption page flags "something wrong" with messaging, apps, integrations, APIs, and logins. The issues, which appear to be impacting threads, channels, notifications, and radical DMs, began at 9:40 a.m. ET this greeting and are currently inactive. Slack says it's "actively investigating." Here at The Verge, problems seem to manifest differently for antithetical people; 1 of my colleagues described Slack's arsenic acting "funky every morning", noticing issues with successful threads in particular, another part reported that their notifications weren't displaying properly and threads were loaded with random way. For me, the app sometimes freezes before I try to load a string, and on its own, it allows the Maine to roll back a certain amount; the application in addition to starting the Maine withdrew from the threads surface as I tried to bless an answer and the lonely past showed hours old threads when I returned.

Another colleague reported that the threads surface had been completely hacked. While these issues are annoying, they don't completely break work like complete Slack outages are. This hawthorn beryl that there isn't a lot of chatter related to twitter and therefore determination are comparatively fewer reports related to, But no you don't imagine things aren't going your way wish; hopefully Slack's will fix things soon.