You can get the Google Pixel Buds Pro for their lowest price ever at Wellbots

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While everyone is distracted by the caller announcement of the Google Pixel 7 lineup and the Pixel Watch, Wellbots has softly provided The Verge Deals with an exclusive discount connected the charcoal, fog, and lemongrass colorways of the Google Pixel Buds Pro. Normally $199.99, you tin drawback a brace of the delicious-looking earbuds for conscionable $159.99 erstwhile you usage the codification VERGE40 astatine checkout — the champion terms yet. The Pixel Buds Pro are a monolithic betterment implicit the modular Pixel Buds, acknowledgment to their enhanced reliability, multipoint Bluetooth support, and improved artillery life. While the mic prime could beryllium amended and it lacks enactment for lossless audio, the Pixel Buds Pro stay an fantabulous prime for noise-canceling earbuds astatine this terms point. Read our review.


Google’s Pixel Buds Pro are the company’s archetypal earbuds to see progressive sound cancellation. But that’s not the lone happening that makes them Google’s champion buds yet: the Pixel Buds Pro harvester awesome sound, large artillery life, and bully comfortableness — each without the transportation issues of earlier models. Use the codification VERGE40 astatine checkout to instrumentality $40 disconnected your order.

If you’re looking for a brace of earbuds that look a small little edible, you tin besides find Sony’s WF-1000XM4 earbuds connected merchantability astatine Amazon for $248 oregon Target for $249.99 alternatively of its accustomed $279.99. The XM4s are inactive 1 of our top-rated pairs of noise-canceling earbuds, acknowledgment to their extended artillery life, elaborate sound, and astonishing sound cancellation qualities. Unfortunately, the Sony earbuds don’t enactment multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, which is becoming par for the people among wireless earbuds, nor are they the champion enactment for dependable calls. However, if you’re consenting to look past immoderate tiny symptom points, the Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds are easy 1 of the champion pairs of earbuds connected the market. Read our review.


Sony’s WF-1000XM4 person the champion sound cancellation of immoderate existent wireless earbuds, and the dependable prime is 2nd to none. The earbuds tin besides present beryllium charged wirelessly and person a caller plan that’s smaller and rated IPX4.

If you’re looking for immoderate clinical-strength retail therapy, you tin besides find the follow-up to the fantabulous LG C1, the 55-inch LG C2, connected merchantability astatine Target and Best Buy for $1,349.99 alternatively of its accustomed $1,799.99. Just similar its predecessor, the C2 is an all-around fantabulous OLED TV, acknowledgment to its slick aesthetic and compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. However, the robust suite of gaming features is truly what sets the C2 isolated from its peers. In summation to a 120Hz refresh rate, the C2 besides supports AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync for an ultra-smooth gaming experience. Just similar the C1, the C2 besides includes enactment for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and the webOS streaming platform, which connects you to each of your favourite services without the request for an outer instrumentality similar a Roku oregon FireTV Stick.


The LG C2 is some lighter and brighter than its last-gen predecessor, the C1. It besides boasts a “dark room” mounting to trim eyestrain, arsenic good arsenic the quality to log into antithetic idiosyncratic profiles.

Okay, we cognize that Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale is close astir the corner, but if you conscionable can’t wait, you tin presently find immoderate fantabulous deals connected Amazon’s Fire tablets close now. The modular and Plus sized models of Amazon’s latest Fire HD 8 tablet are presently discounted to their lowest terms ever at Best Buy and Amazon. The archetypal terms of the 32GB configuration of the modular Fire HD 8 tablet was $89.99, but some retailers person dropped the terms to conscionable $44.99, portion the 32GB Fire HD 8 Plus has been discounted to $54.99 astatine Amazon and Best Buy (normally $109.99). The ad-free models of some tablets person besides been discounted to $69.99.


The Fire HD 8 is Amazon’s 8-inch Fire HD tablet. It offers 32GB oregon 64GB of retention arsenic good arsenic entree to apps similar Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, TikTok, and more.


Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Plus packs a batch of worth for the money. It’s a suitable vas for consuming immoderate and each Prime content, and this model, successful particular, supports wireless charging.

The achromatic colorway of the Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones is currently discounted to $99.99 astatine Amazon from the accustomed terms of $199.95 — matching the champion terms we’ve seen for the tried and tested Apple-centric headphones. The integrated W1 wireless spot allows the Beats Solo 3 to brace seamlessly with Apple devices, but it’s worthy noting that the headphones are compatible with Android devices arsenic well. While the Beats Solo 3 deficiency the premium look and consciousness of much costly headphones, they stay an fantabulous prime for anyone looking for a lightweight and comfy brace of headphones with reliable performance. Read our review.

Beats Solo 3


The Beats Solo 3 diagnostic decent dependable prime and fantabulous wireless performance. They besides athletics immoderate other goodies if you’re an Apple user, namely the quality to entree Siri utilizing the earcup-mounted navigation buttons.

A small much play model shopping...

  • If you’re an Apple idiosyncratic successful request of a small juice, you tin presently get the Anker 633 Magnetic Battery astatine Amazon for $64 alternatively of its accustomed $79.99 erstwhile you clip the disposable coupon earlier checkout. Anker’s 633 Magnetic artillery neatly attaches to immoderate MagSafe-compatible iPhone, providing up to 10,000mAh of foodstuff connected a azygous charge, that’s astir 1 and a fractional afloat charges for the iPhone 14.
  • Need much power, captain? The Spigen 65W GaN III USB-C charger is simply a adjuvant small adapter that makes definite you’ve ever got an unfastened larboard for keeping each of your assorted devices topped off. Normally priced astatine $79.99, you tin presently get 1 for astir $42 erstwhile you clip the eligible coupon earlier checking out. The charger includes a brace of USB-C and USB-A ports susceptible of up to 65W charging.
  • If you request to grow the retention of your PC but don’t privation to spell done the occupation of installing an M.2 SSD, you mightiness privation to cheque retired the Seagate Firecuda 2TB outer gaming SSD connected merchantability astatine Amazon for $283.47 alternatively of its accustomed $499.99 — its lowest terms to date. The Firecuda costs a spot much than a accepted M.2 SSD of the aforesaid size but inactive offers transportation speeds of up to 2000MB/s and tin beryllium hooked up easy utilizing an disposable USB-C port.

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