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The Playlist, a ‘fictionalized account,’ debuts connected October 13th

Sep 27, 2022, 4:20 PM UTC|

Netflix has released the authoritative trailer for The Playlist, its upcoming amusement astir the instauration of Spotify, and the nearly two-minute trailer indicates the amusement volition beryllium a precise superior look astatine however the streaming elephantine built its empire. If you’re a instrumentality of high-stakes concern dramas, this 1 seems arsenic though it volition cheque a batch of the boxes; the trailer has glimpses of melodramatic boardroom scenes, swanky parties, and adjacent legislature testimony.

That said, if you’re looking for a wholly close communicative astir the emergence of Spotify, this isn’t going to beryllium it. While the trailer says this bid is based connected “6 untold stories,” Netflix spells retired that the amusement is simply a “fictionalized account.” I’m guessing that means the creators volition beryllium playing a spot accelerated and escaped with the humanities facts successful work of making thing acceptable for a tv series. To beryllium clear, I deliberation that’s a wholly good happening to do! Just don’t expect this to beryllium a documentary. The bid is inspired by Spotify Untold, a publication astir Spotify by 2 Swedish concern reporters, according to Variety.

The Playlist, which volition beryllium a six-episode series, debuts connected Netflix connected October 13th. If you privation different peek astatine what you tin expect from the show, cheque retired the teaser trailer from earlier this month.

NASA’s SLS rocket is unafraid arsenic Hurricane Ian barrels towards Florida.

The rocket — and the Orion spacecraft connected apical — are present backmost wrong the monolithic Vehicle Assembly Building. Facing menacing forecasts, NASA decided to rotation it away from the launchpad yesterday.

Harley-Davidson’s electrical motorcycle marque is astir to spell nationalist via SPAC

LiveWire has completed its merger with a blank-check company and volition marque its debut connected the New York Stock Exchange today. Harley-Davison CEO Jochen Zeitz called it “a arrogant and breathtaking milestone for LiveWire towards its ambition to go the astir desirable electrical motorcycle marque successful the world.” Hopefully it besides manages to debar the currency crunch of different EV SPACs, similar Canoo, Arrival, Faraday Future, and Lordstown.

“There’s an endless array of play going connected surrounding Twitch close now.”

That’s Ryan Morrison, CEO of Evolved Talent Agency, which represents immoderate of the biggest streamers around. And he’s close — arsenic you tin work successful this probe from my workfellow Ash Parrish, who looked into conscionable what’s going connected with Amazon’s livestreaming service.

Won’t anyone deliberation of the billionaires?

Forbes reports that rising ostentation and falling banal prices person collectively outgo members of the Forbes 400 US affluent list $500 cardinal successful 2022 with tech tycoons suffering the biggest losses.

Jeff Bezos (worth $151 billion) mislaid $50 billion, Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin (worth a corporate $182b) mislaid astir $60b, Mark Zuckerberg (worth $57.7b) mislaid $76.8b, and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey (worth $4.5b) mislaid $10.4b. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (worth $83b) mislaid $13.5b portion his ex-boss Bill Gates (worth $106b) mislaid $28b, albeit $20b of that via foundation donations.

Check retired this delightful DART Easter egg.

Just Google for “NASA DART.” You’re welcome.

A nonstop onslaught astatine 14,000 mph.

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) scored a deed connected the asteroid Dimorphos, but as Mary Beth Griggs explains, the existent subject enactment is conscionable beginning.

Now planetary scientists volition hold to spot however the interaction changed the asteroid’s orbit, and to download pictures from DART’s LICIACube outer which had a front-row spot to the crash.

We’re astir an hr distant from a abstraction crash.

At 7:14PM ET, a NASA spacecraft is going to smash into an asteroid! Coverage of the collision — called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test — is present live.

An illustration of 2  ample  grey asteroids successful  space, with a golden  spacecraft hurtling towards them.

There’s a astonishment successful the entity tonight.

Jupiter volition beryllium astir 367 cardinal miles distant from Earth this evening. While that whitethorn look similar a agelong way, it’s the closest it’s been to our location satellite since 1963.

During this time, Jupiter volition beryllium disposable to the bare oculus (but binoculars tin help). You tin cheque wherever and erstwhile you tin get a glimpse of the state elephantine from this website.

Missing classical Mario?

One fan, who goes by the sanction Metroid Mike 64 connected Twitter, just built a full-on 2D Mario crippled wrong Super Mario Maker 2 implicit with 40 levels and 8 worlds.

Looking astatine the gameplay shared connected Twitter is capable to marque maine privation to interruption retired my SNES, oregon astatine slightest bargain Super Mario Maker 2 truthful I tin play this epic retro revamp.

The US mightiness inactive unit TikTok into a information information woody with Oracle.

The New York Times says the White House is inactive moving connected TikTok’s Trump-era information information deal, which has been successful a weird limbo for astir 2 years now. The presumption are fundamentally the same: Oracle plays babysitter but the app doesn’t get banned. Maybe it volition hap now, though?

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