Watch Tesla’s 2022 AI Day event

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Update: Tesla’s Optimus robot prototype kicked disconnected the event, check retired the details we’ve heard truthful far.

Tesla’s AI Day kicks disconnected today, September 30th, astatine which Elon Musk has said helium hopes to amusement disconnected a working prototype of the company’s humanoid robot, Optimus. The event, which volition beryllium held astatine Tesla’s office successful Palo Alto, California, will beryllium livestreamed for the public and will commencement astatine 9:15PM ET / 6:15PM PT — a spot aboriginal successful the evening than past year’s AI Day.

AI Day volition beryllium livestreamed connected Tesla’s website: click present to watch, oregon you tin spot the watercourse connected YouTube.

We don’t person a batch of details astir what volition beryllium announced, but based connected the invitation, we’re apt to perceive astir the “latest developments successful artificial intelligence, including Full Self-Driving, Tesla Bot, Dojo, and more.”

Musk has besides said helium views AI Day arsenic a recruiting tool

Musk has besides said helium views AI Day arsenic a recruiting instrumentality arsenic Tesla looks to grow its robotics division. The Tesla Bot is “the astir important merchandise improvement we’re doing this year,” helium said recently, predicting that it volition person “the imaginable to beryllium much important than the conveyance concern implicit time.”

Tesla usually holds astir 2 nationalist events a year. This year, we got the Cyber Rodeo to observe the opening of the company’s Gigafactory successful Texas, and present AI Day. Over the past fewer years, Tesla has been holding events not to unveil caller products but to item definite technologies that the institution views arsenic important to its aboriginal development. In 2020, Tesla held its first Battery Day event, astatine which it discussed plans to thrust down the outgo of artillery improvement with the extremity of producing a $25,000 electrical car.

Meanwhile, Tesla has pushed back the accumulation docket for the hotly anticipated Cybertruck to 2023, truthful we’re not apt to get a lawsuit transportation lawsuit for astatine slightest different year.

Update September 30, 2022 9:06PM ET: Article updated with YouTube link.