Victrix’s Pro BFG controller for PS5 can transform into a portable fight stick

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A institution bushed Sony’s DualSense Edge controller to the quarter-circle punch. PDP’s Victrix sub-brand announced the Pro BFG, a wireless PS5, PS4, and PC (X-Input) controller aimed astatine warring crippled enthusiasts and officially licensed by Sony. The Pro BFG delivers much than conscionable swappable analog sticks and directional pads. The item diagnostic is its modular plates that fto you remix the layout of the controller. It costs $179.99 to preorder, and it’s launching successful December.

The default layout of the Pro BFG is akin to the default PS5 controller, with analog sticks adjacent each different underneath the touchpad. You tin support it that way, oregon you tin usage the included hex screwdriver to flip it astir truthful that it’s much similar an Xbox-style statement with offset sticks. Or, you tin regenerate the close module entirely, ditching the close analog instrumentality for a six-button configuration akin to what you’d spot connected a warring stick.

PDP Victrix Pro BFG controller shown with each  of the components that travel  included with purchase, including

This exploded presumption of the Pro BFG illustrates however its modular components tin beryllium swapped. The sticks and D-pads tin simply beryllium pulled disconnected and replaced with the ones you privation to use.


The customization goes further, with a full of 3 D-pads (Victrix’s diamond-shaped option, an Xbox-style eight-way d-pad, oregon the PlayStation-style d-pad), and 2 other analog sticks (one short, convex option, and 1 that’s overmuch taller than the default stick). With the analog sticks, you tin swap retired the default gross for an octagonal one, truthful you’ll beryllium capable to consciousness the stick’s precise determination arsenic it hits and moves on the edges, which is useful erstwhile you’re trying to perpetrate moves to memory. There are besides customizable rear paddles, giving you much buttons astatine your disposal.

The Pro RGB is wireless, though it supports wired mode via its USB-C port. Like the DualSense, it tin present audio done its 3.5mm headphone jack. Unlike Sony’s controller, it doesn’t person rumble oregon adaptive triggers, though it has different functions that assistance to warrant its higher price. The propulsion region of its triggers tin beryllium customized with a switch, giving you the enactment to simply pat them to registry alternatively of afloat pulling them down.

This representation   shows everything that you’ll get   with the PDP Victrix Pro BFG PS5 controller, including the controller, replaceable modules, aggregate  absorption  pads, analog sticks, and tools to instal  them.

And here’s a glimpse into the afloat kit that you’ll get successful speech for $179.99.


It besides has rubberized grips astir its beforehand and back, and it tin store 3 power strategy profiles and 3 audio profiles to the controller. It besides features a toggle power connected its apical broadside to swap betwixt PS5, PS4, and PC platforms. On its bottom, there’s a power to flip betwixt wired oregon wireless mode (it includes a USB-A audio transmitter to plug into consoles).

This controller volition beryllium retired by the extremity of 2022, giving gamers plentifulness of clip to get comfy with it up of Street Fighter 6’s merchandise adjacent year. I’m not a competitory warring crippled player, but adjacent I’m looking guardant to investigating this retired soon.