Twitter’s edit button is rolling out in the US for paying subscribers

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Twitter’s edit fastener is yet arriving successful the US. The institution volition statesman gradually rolling retired the long-awaited diagnostic to Twitter Blue subscribers successful the US connected Thursday afternoon, Twitter spokesperson Joseph Nuñez said successful an email to The Verge. Lucky subscribers successful Canada, Australia, and New Zealand person had the quality to edit their typos since Monday, and present it’s coming to the US.

I’ve already seen a clump of edited tweets connected my timeline. The cardinal has been to look for a small pencil icon connected tweets successful your provender oregon successful tweets themselves. If you privation to spot an edit history, click connected a tweet and past connected the pencil. Tweets tin beryllium edited up to 5 times and lone 30 minutes aft idiosyncratic has posted the tweet. See it for yourself in this tweet from MKBHD.

Once the quality to edit a tweet has rolled retired to you, you’ll beryllium capable to find it successful the Labs conception of the app that’s disposable to Twitter Blue subscribers, which costs $4.99 per month. Some tweets can’t beryllium edited, though, similar replies, retweets, and polls. You tin spot the afloat database of what can’t beryllium changed arsenic good arsenic work much details astir the edit diagnostic in a Twitter enactment document.

Twitter archetypal announced it was really, actually, for existent moving connected an edit fastener on April 1st, meaning cipher really believed the institution until the diagnostic was officially revealed a fewer days later. I personally inactive thought it mightiness each beryllium immoderate elaborate ruse, but present we are. Fingers crossed Elon Musk keeps the edit fastener astir if helium ends up really acquiring the company, though everything with that concern is inactive beauteous messy.