To whom it may concern: Twitter’s Status feature is starting to look like a good idea

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Twitter’s Status diagnostic seemed a spot unusual astatine first. When it archetypal came retired that the institution was investigating a mode to connect Status badges to your tweets, Twitter explained it arsenic a mode “to supply much discourse for your followers.”

Context is each good and good, but Twitter’s uneditable database of choices didn’t marque overmuch sense. Adding a “Traveling” presumption mightiness person made consciousness successful the archetypal what-you-had-for-lunch conception of Twitter, but nary longer. And is determination thing much cringe than tweeting your grumpiness with a “Case of the Mondays” badge?

Now, it appears Twitter’s statuses are becoming overmuch more... Twitter-y. Jane Manchun Wong, an technologist and a notable net sleuth, precocious recovered a clump of caller Status options that marque a batch much consciousness than the aged ones. Testers tin present enactment a “Don’t @ Me” badge supra their spicy thoughts oregon driblet a “So wholesome” close adjacent to their adjacent dunking punctuation tweet. “To whom it whitethorn concern” is simply a amusive one, particularly if you ideate it arsenic the instauration to each nationalist tweet ever sent connected the platform.

A fewer different Twitter mainstays made the list, too, including “That’s it, that’s the Tweet,” and “Tweeting it into existence.” My idiosyncratic caller favourite is “Touching grass,” which you’re evidently not doing precise good if you’re tweeting astir it — but we’ll permission that treatment for different day.

The diagnostic does travel a longtime inclination connected Twitter. From retweets to hashtags and links, the institution has often recovered ways to crook the substance radical usage successful their tweets into other accusation and metadata. Statuses look to beryllium the same: you don’t request to commencement your tweet with “Hot take” erstwhile the Hot instrumentality badge is close there.

In summation to providing an other spot of flair to your tweets, Status besides seems to beryllium a caller mode of organizing Twitter. Some radical person taken to utilizing the thread emoji successful their tweets, knowing radical hunt for the emoji erstwhile they’re looking for the champion tweetstorms. With Status, you tin conscionable click connected the badge to spot different tweets with the aforesaid one.

If Twitter tin bash it right, “Picture of the day” and “Pet of the day” could crook into Twitter’s reply to Reddit’s r/pics and r/pets, a never-ending scroll of bully stuff. “Don’t @ Me” mightiness beryllium a hilarious provender of people’s spiciest thoughts. I don’t cognize what “Current status” would beryllium for oregon wherefore you’d ever click that one... but it’ll beryllium there, too.

Of course, Twitter’s ranking system, particularly for fast-moving topics, isn’t ever known for being a bastion of bully information. The “Breaking news” badge seems apt to beryllium abused arsenic often arsenic it is useful.

The Status diagnostic appears to inactive beryllium successful testing, and there’s nary denotation erstwhile oregon whether it volition beryllium rolled retired to the full platform. But it seems to beryllium morphing into thing that feels autochthonal to Twitter, not similar a bolt-on thought from 2006.

Let’s beryllium ace wide here, though. If you tweet with the “Living the dream” status, and it’s thing different than profoundly ironic and attached to a tweet astir however you dropped your java each implicit your keyboard this morning, you’re doing it wrong. This is Twitter, aft all. There’s nary earnestness allowed here.