The latest Pixel Watch leak shows band styles, watch faces, and more

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As if the motorboat of the Pixel Watch hasn’t been spoiled by enough leaks already, a caller acceptable of images shared with Slashleaks by reliable leaker OnLeaks (via 9to5Google), amusement the smartwatch successful adjacent much item conscionable days up of Google’s motorboat event. This expands connected what we’ve already seen successful a brief advertisement from Google released past week, revealing an array of set styles, much ticker faces, arsenic good arsenic immoderate different features the ticker could travel with.

For starters, the Pixel Watch could connection silicone set styles successful black, eggshell, acheronian gray, and silver, arsenic good arsenic 3 braided options successful orange, green, and black. It besides looks similar Google’s readying to connection 2 antithetic leather set styles, including a sleek acceptable successful orange, black, and silver, and a much rugged-looking brace of bands successful achromatic and green.

The images besides uncover a bid of antithetic ticker faces, ranging from a elemental infinitesimal and hr manus with the user’s bosom rate, a minimalist benignant that spells retired the clip (which seems benignant of unhelpful, successful my opinion), arsenic good arsenic a much decorative enactment with a scenery design. There’s besides a acceptable of images showing disconnected immoderate different Pixel Watch features, specified arsenic Fitbit integration, enactment for Google Fast Pair, exigency calling, and ECG reading.

As noted by 9to5Google, it looks similar immoderate of these images whitethorn person been sourced from a Pixel Watch listing connected Amazon that concisely popped up successful Germany. German tech tract SmartDroid captured a screenshot of the listing (and allegedly managed to spot a preorder), but it appears to person been taken down. According to SmartDroid, the listing indicates that the Pixel Watch could travel with the Google Home app, 5ATM h2o resistance, a Corning Gorilla Glass display, and a escaped six-month proceedings to Fitbit Premium.

The listing besides prices the instrumentality astatine 356.76 euros (about $349 USD). This tracks with a erstwhile study from 9to5Google, which indicates that the Pixel Watch with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi could outgo $349.99, portion the cellular mentation could beryllium priced astatine $399.99. Luckily, we won’t person to hold excessively overmuch longer to spot if these rumors are true, arsenic the Google Pixel motorboat event is acceptable to instrumentality spot connected Thursday, October 6th.