The best smart home deals from Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale

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Robot vacuums, Nanoleaf astute lights, Echo astute speakers, and much are connected merchantability during the two-day Prime-exclusive event

A robot vacuum connected  a hardwood floor.
The Roborock S7 vacuum and mop is $270 disconnected during the sale.

Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

While it’s comparatively slim pickings successful presumption of astute location gear, determination are inactive immoderate bully deals to beryllium recovered during Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, which runs done October 12th.

As always, there’s a slew of robot vacuums getting terms drops; we’ve picked the champion deals connected the champion bots that we saw. There are besides a fig of older Echo devices seeing immoderate important savings arsenic good arsenic immoderate of our steadfast favorites, specified arsenic the Echo Show 8 and Echo fourth-gen astute speakers.

We besides recovered immoderate decent deals connected a fewer of our apical picks for smart information cameras, positive savings connected astute locks and store doorway controllers. Remember, astir of the deals connected Prime Days are for Prime members only, but if you’re not a member, you tin motion up for a escaped 30-day trial and inactive get those prices.

The champion deals connected Amazon Echo devices


The fantabulous Echo Show 8 (second-gen) is astir half-price during the sale. Plus, it comes with 2 Cync by GE colour bulbs. These astute bulbs tin brace with Alexa implicit Wi-Fi for dependable control.

The fourth-gen Echo Dot sitting connected  a table.

  • Amazon is clearing the shelves up of the motorboat of its fifth-gen Echo Dot, but if you’re successful request of a astute talker for a store oregon spare room, the third-gen Echo Dot is simply a bargain astatine $18, down from $39.99. It has the archetypal level design, which makes it easier to equine to a wall, but the sound prime connected the fourth-gen mentation is better acknowledgment to its front-firing speaker. It’s besides a spot amended astatine proceeding you. Read our review.
  • Also connected the clearance support is the Fire TV Cube, which is present connected merchantability for $59.99 (was $119.99). The caller Fire TV Cube coming aboriginal this period supports some HDMI successful and HDMI out, truthful you tin plug a cablegram container straight into it. It besides has a faster processor and offers enactment for Wi-Fi 6E. But that 1 volition outgo $139.99. Read our usher to the champion streaming devices.
  • The champion Echo Show for your wall, the Echo Show 15, is $169.99, down from $249.99. The sizable Show will soon beryllium upgraded to enactment Fire TV, thereby fulfilling its intent of being a beauteous decent room TV. Read our review.
  • The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is $48.99, down from $70. It’s not an Echo device, but if you brace it with one, the Echo talker tin denote your aerial prime alerts, making this a utile instrumentality successful your astute home. It has besides improved since we reviewed it. It tin present trigger Alexa Routines — truthful you tin person your astute aerial purifier oregon thermostat crook connected erstwhile the instrumentality senses a driblet successful aerial quality, temperature, humidity, and different options.

The champion robot vacuum deals


For a fund bot that volition get the occupation done, the Yeedi Vac is down to $199.99 (from $299.99). This powerhouse has a large bin, a agelong runtime, integer mapping and virtual keep-out zones, and capable suction to get your floors ace clean. You tin besides brace it with an auto-empty dock if you don’t similar to get your hands dirty.

  • Another prime for a high-end robot vacuum is the Roborock S7 Plus, which is selling for $679.99, a savings of $270. This robot tin vacuum and mop — lifting up its mopping pad erstwhile it goes implicit low-pile carpet, and it’s our favorite combo robot. It besides comes with an auto-empty dock for sucking debris retired of the bin.
  • If you privation Roborock’s pick of the crop, however, the Roborock S7 MaxV is the mode to go. It does everything the S7 does, positive adds AI-powered detection to debar communal household clutter to marque definite it gets the occupation done. The Roborock S7 MaxV robot vacuum / mop is connected merchantability for $639.99, and you tin adhd the auto-empty dock for a full of $869.99 (down from $1,159.99).
  • If you’re looking to walk a small less, Roborock’s caller midrange enactment includes the Q5 Plus, a self-emptying robot vacuum, on merchantability for $474.99, down from $699.99.
  • The Roomba i4 Plus EVO is simply a variant of the i3 EVO we’ve tested that’s our prime for the champion fund auto-empty robot. There’s nary AI-powered obstacle avoidance here, but it tin representation your location and bare itself erstwhile it’s done cleaning. The i4 Plus Evo is selling for $399.99, down from $690, and comes with a third-gen Echo Dot thrown successful for dependable control, making this a bully woody for sparkling floors.
  • The Shark AI Ultra XL sees a immense terms chopped to conscionable $349.99 (from $649.99), making it the cheapest enactment from our apical picks for a robot vacuum that tin self-empty. It’s a large robot, some successful looks and sounds, but it doesn’t request bags successful the auto-empty dock, and portion its AI isn’t arsenic precocious arsenic Roomba’s and Roborock’s, it tin debar immoderate entity implicit 4 inches gangly and is simply a mapping bot, with virtual support retired zones.
  • If you're looking for a standalone robot mop to support the room level squeaky clean, the iRobot Braava Jet m6 is 40 percent off astatine $299.99. If you person a Roomba vacuum, it tin brace with the Braava Jet and archer it to spell commencement cleaning erstwhile the vacuum is done.

The champion deals connected astute lighting


The ace amusive Nanoleaf Lines — LED, RGB astute lights that tin overgarment your partition with backlit colour — are connected merchantability for $159. Read our review.

  • If you similar a much muted look for your astute lighting, the Nanoleaf Elements Wood are connected merchantability for $199, a savings of $50. These elegant hexagonal wood lighting panels tin show a scope of lukewarm to chill ambient achromatic lighting and treble arsenic partition art. Both Nanoleaf sets enactment implicit 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and tin relation arsenic Thread borderline routers.
  • For immoderate outdoor astute lighting, these Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights are a large mode to spruce up your platform oregon patio with lukewarm lighting. On merchantability for $28 (down from $42), the achromatic LED bulbs are Wi-Fi powered, IP65-rated, and enactment with Alexa for dependable control.
  • If you person existing outdoor lights you privation to marque smart, the Kasa Outdoor Smart Dimmer Plug is connected merchantability for conscionable $17.99 today. This is simply a large enactment and 1 of the lone outdoor astute plugs that tin besides dim your drawstring lights. It works implicit Wi-Fi, truthful nary hub is required, and it tin beryllium controlled by Alexa and Google but not Apple Home.

The champion deals connected astute information cameras


The Eufy Floodlight Cam Pro 2 is our apical prime for a floodlight camera acknowledgment to a 360 field-of-view and ace agleam tunable LED floodlights; determination are besides nary monthly fees for viewing recorded footage.


The fund Ring Video Doorbell Wired is lone $40 today. This 1 requires doorbell wires and a Ring Protect Plan to presumption recorded footage, but it’s a good video doorbell that works with Alexa and delivers 1080p HD video of your beforehand porch.

  • The fantabulous battery-powered Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight cam is 20 percent disconnected today, bringing the terms to $199 alternatively of $250. With 2K video, color-night vision, and a 160-degree presumption — not to notation almighty 3,000-lumen floodlights — this Arlo cam tin enactment implicit Wi-Fi oregon with an Arlo system, which adds Apple Home enactment successful summation to Alexa and Google Home compatibility. Read our review.
  • For immoderate inexpensive location information options, the Blink Mini indoor cam is disposable arsenic a two-pack for conscionable $30 (regularly $65). Blink precocious announced a pan and tilt equine for its Mini camera that adds the quality for this camera to rotate and tilt truthful you tin spot everyplace successful your home.
  • If you’re successful the marketplace for a dedicated favored cam that besides throws treats to your furball, the amusive Furbo 360 Dog cam is $147, down from $210. This 1 rotates 360 degrees to travel your pet, truthful you ne'er miss a moment. However, it does necessitate a monthly subscription interest to presumption your pet’s recorded antics.

The champion deals connected astute locks


If you privation to conscionable interaction your doorway to unlock it, the Kwikset Halo Touch Contemporary Square Wi-Fi Fingerprint Smart Lock unlocks with your fingerprint oregon a modular cardinal and is $50 off. It besides has built-in Wi-Fi, truthful you tin fastener and unlock it remotely utilizing an app oregon dependable power done Alexa oregon Google.

  • The unique-looking but precise susceptible SwitchBot Smart Lock is connected merchantability today. This Bluetooth astute fastener uses a tiny robot hand to crook the fastener for you. The champion bundle is the lock, fingerprint keypad, and astute hub for $135.99, a savings of $34, which adds Wi-Fi connectivity for Alexa and Google Home dependable control. This is simply a large fastener for renters, arsenic you don’t person to region immoderate portion of your existing deadbolt.
  • Not a doorway lock, per se, but different mode to entree your location from your phone, the MyQ astute store controller is connected merchantability — again. Just $16.98, down from $29.99, this connects wirelessly to your store doorway opener to fto you power it from your phone. MyQ besides has a compatible store camera that pairs with the controller (and tin equine magnetically nether your opener), truthful you tin visually spot if your doorway is unfastened that’s connected merchantability contiguous for $69.99, but it requires a subscription to presumption immoderate recorded video. Both products enactment with Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery if you privation to person packages delivered wrong your garage.

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