The best PC accessory deals from Amazon’s fall Prime Day event

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All of the deals connected show during Amazon’s Prime Day Early Access Sale springiness america a accidental to item immoderate chill accessories that typically won’t find their mode into our regular deals roundups. Yes, we cognize that we’ve already got a roundup of the champion gaming deals of Prime’s Early Access Sale, but this 1 is explicitly for the champion discounts we could find connected PC accessories. That means we’re not conscionable looking astatine mice and keyboards, but we’re diving into motherboards, h2o coolers, and graphics cards, too.

While gaming accessories get each the glory, we’re including plentifulness of PC accessory deals that are productivity first. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-fast outer hard drive oregon a slick-looking PC case, our roundup of PC accessories has got you covered. Make definite to besides cheque retired our postulation of the best deals from Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale for the latest discounts.

The champion Prime Day CPU Cooler deals


The 360mm MSI MAG CoreLiquid AIO Cooler is compatible with LGA 1700 and AM5 sockets to enactment the latest procreation of processors.

  • The Thermaltake UX100 is simply a low-profile CPU cooler presently discounted to conscionable $17.99 (normally $19.99). Designed for Mico-ATX builds, the UX100 is compatible with 11th Generation Intel CPUs and AM4 CPUs from AMD.

The champion Prime Day PC retention deals

  • The monolithic 2TB exemplary of the SanDisk Extreme Pro primitively had a terms tag of $509.99 but is presently discounted to $219.99. The ruggedized SSD is designed to withstand falls and has an IP55 waterproof rating. The Extreme Pro is susceptible of transportation speeds of up to 2000MB/s via a USB-C connection, but it besides comes equipped with a USB-A cable, should you request it.


SanDisk’s Extreme Pro SSD is simply a portable retention enactment that’s protected against water, dust, and impacts. It supports USB 3.2, and portion it uses USB-C, SanDisk includes a USB Type-A adapter to marque it compatible with much devices.

  • The 2TB configuration of the fashionable Samsung 980 Pro SSD is presently discounted to $189.99 from its accustomed terms of $379.99 — the lowest terms yet for the M.2 SSD. The 980 Pro supports transportation speeds of up to 7,000MB/s, letting you rapidly bulk transportation files and, successful immoderate cases, velocity up loading times for games. This exemplary of the 980 Pro doesn’t travel with a heatsink though, truthful don’t effort to usage it with a PlayStation 5. However, you tin besides find the 2TB equipped with a heatsink for $209.99 (normally $399.99).

Samsung 980 Pro


Samsung’s high-end 980 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD is among the fastest available. It’s PCIe 4.0-ready, truthful it tin execute accelerated work / constitute speeds of 7,000MB/s and 5,000MB/s, respectively. It’ll besides enactment successful much prevalent PCIe 3.0 motherboards, but with somewhat slower speeds.

  • Another fantabulous M.2 SSD option, the 1TB configuration of the WD_Black SN770 SSD is presently discounted to $79.99 from its accustomed terms of $129.99 — matching the champion terms yet for the slim retention device. The SN770 tin enactment transportation speeds of up to 5,150MB/s but doesn’t travel packaged with a heatsink.
  • It’s not rather arsenic fashionable arsenic different SSD models, but the 2TB configuration of the Crucial P5 Plus M.2 SSD is presently connected merchantability for $169.99, down from its accustomed terms of $319.99. It surely isn’t the fastest SSD connected the market, but the advertised 6600MB/s transportation velocity makes the Crucial worthy checking retired if you request immoderate inexpensive storage.

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The champion Prime Day RAM deals

  • If your motherboard supports DDR5 RAM and you haven’t upgraded yet, you tin presently find a 32GB module of Kingston Fury RGB RAM connected merchantability for $157.99, a humble discount connected its accustomed terms of $169.42. This CL40 DDR5 module is rated for speeds of up to 5200MT/s and is compatible with Intel XMP 3.0 overclocking.
  • Amazon is besides featuring a discount connected a brace of 32GB Kingston Fury DDR5 RAM modules, dropping their combined terms from $286.47 to $271.99. These modules aren’t equipped with RGB lighting, but they are rated for speeds of up to 4800MT/s and are compatible with Intel XMP 3.0.

The champion Prime Day lawsuit deals

  • The Thermaltake Core P3 is an open-air ATX lawsuit that resembles a portion of brutalist architecture. Normally priced astatine $159.99, the Core P3 is presently discounted to $134.99 astatine Amazon. The ample lawsuit tin beryllium mounted vertically oregon adjacent connected a partition if you’re brave and supports radiators up to 360mm successful length.
  • If you’re successful the marketplace for a achromatic Mini-ITX case, the Cooler Master NR200P lawsuit is presently connected merchantability for $99.99 from its accustomed terms of $144.99. Every sheet of the NR200P is removable, and the vented broadside sheet tin beryllium swapped retired with an included tempered solid broadside panel. The internals of the lawsuit are compact but inactive susceptible of supporting radiators up to 280mm long.


The NR200P from Cooler Master is designed for Mini-ITX motherboards, comes with an interchangeable mesh and tempered solid broadside panel, and supports radiators up to 280mm.

  • One of Cooler Master’s ATX mid-tower cases, the HAF 500, is presently connected merchantability for $132.14 astatine Amazon, knocking astir $37 disconnected the archetypal price. The spacious interior of the HAF 500 features galore options for cablegram absorption and enactment for radiators up to 360mm successful either apical oregon front-mounted configurations. The HAF 500 ships with 3 RGB fans linked to a built-in RGB hub, including 2 200mm fans mounted down the mesh beforehand sheet for awesome airflow.

The champion Prime Day motherboard deals

  • The Asus ROG Strix Z690-E usually costs $469.99 but is presently discounted to $379.99. The ATX committee uses an LGA 1700 socket compatible with 12th Generation Intel processors, tin enactment up to 4 M.2 SSDs, and DDR5 RAM with speeds up to 6400MHz.


The Asus ROG Strix Z690-E is an ATX motherboard designed for 12th Generation Intel processors utilizing the LGA 1700 socket.

  • Another, little costly LGA 1700 motherboard, the Asus Tuf Z690-Plus is presently discounted to $229.99 from its accustomed $259.99. The Tuf Z690-Plus is compatible with 12th Generation Intel CPUs, has capable abstraction for up to 4 M.2 processors, and supports DDR5 RAM with speeds up to 6000MHz.

Power Supply deals


The 1200W modular powerfulness proviso from Asus features a 10-year warranty and an 80 Plus Platinum powerfulness ratio rating.

  • The Asus ROG Thor 1200 modular powerfulness proviso is matching its lowest terms yet. Usually priced astatine $349.99, the 1200W PSU is presently discounted to $279.99. The 80+ Platinum powerfulness ratio standing is accompanied by a 10-year warranty and much than capable foodstuff for adjacent the astir demanding setup.

The champion Prime Day gaming show deals

  • You tin presently find Pixio’s 32-inch PXC325 curved gaming show connected merchantability for $215.99, which knocks $54 disconnected the accustomed retail price for the budget-friendly gaming monitor. The PXC325 is simply a 1080p gaming sheet that supports refresh rates up to 165Hz and sports a 1ms effect time. AMD FreeSync compatibility rounds retired the database of features for this inexpensive gaming panel.
  • MSI besides has a 27-inch gaming sheet connected sale. The MSI Optix MAG273R2 is discounted to $194.99 astatine Amazon (normally $239.99) — its lowest terms yet. The 165Hz, FHD sheet features a 1ms effect clip and is compatible with Nvidia G-Sync.
  • The Samsung G9 Odyssey is an implicit lad of a gaming show that you tin presently prime up astatine Amazon for $999.99 alternatively of its accustomed terms of $1,399.99, matching the champion terms yet for the monolithic monitor. The 49-inch curved gaming sheet is compatible with AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-sync for delivering ultra-smooth show and supports a maximum refresh complaint of 240hz. With a maximum solution of 5120 x 1440, the G9 offers the aforesaid surface abstraction arsenic a brace of 27-inch QHD monitors. Read our review.

Samsung Odyssey G9


The Samsung Odyssey G9 is simply a gargantuan 48.8-inch PC show with 32:9 facet ratio and accelerated 240Hz refresh rate. It lacks HDMI 2.1, but it tin bash the multitasking occupation of 3 monitors.

  • LG’s 27-inch QHD gaming monitor is usually priced astatine $299.99 but is presently discounted to $237.49 — its lowest terms yet. The Nvidia G-sync compatible show features a maximum solution of 2560 x 1440, a 1ms effect time, and a 144hz refresh rate. The packaged basal is height, tilt, and swivel adjustable and supports horizontal oregon vertical orientation.

LG UltraGear gaming monitor


LG’s 27-inch UltraGear gaming monitors are a fantastic value. This peculiar exemplary features a QHD IPS sheet with HDMI and DisplayPort to fto you hook up a PC and a gaming console. It besides touts a 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms effect time, and G-Sync compatibility.

  • The ViewSonic Elite XG320U is simply a 32-inch, precocious refresh complaint gaming sheet that typically costs $1,009.99 but is presently discounted to $799.99 — the lowest terms yet for the AMD FreeSync compatible monitor. Supporting a 4K resolution, the ViewSonic Elite besides features a 150hz refresh complaint and is compatible with Nvidia Reflex exertion to present the lowest imaginable latency. The packaged basal is height, tilt, and swivel adjustable and supports horizontal oregon vertical orientation.
  • You tin besides find the Acer Nitro XV272U gaming show connected merchantability astatine Amazon close present for $209.99 (normally $299.99), its champion terms to date. The 27-inch level sheet supports 1440p resolutions astatine a maximum refresh complaint of 170Hz. Like galore different gaming monitors, the XV272U besides has a 1ms effect clip and is AMD FreeSync compatible.

The champion Prime Day CPU deals

  • As agelong arsenic you’re not utilizing an integrated graphics card, you whitethorn privation to cheque retired this discount connected Intel’s Core i9-12900KF CPU. Initially selling for $549.97, Amazon has the unlocked 12th-gen CPU connected merchantability for $439.98, astir $60 cheaper than the 12900K. The 12900KF is simply a 16-core processor that uses the LGA 1700 socket and is susceptible of speeds up to 5.2GHz retired of the box.
  • The AMD Ryzen 5000-series is aged chapeau astatine this point, but squad red’s processors inactive battalion a punch. Currently, you tin find the Ryzen 5900X connected merchantability for $334.99 (originally $569.99), and the Ryzen 5600X for $164.99 (originally $309). The 5900X features a maximum velocity of 4.8Ghz retired of the box, portion the 5600X tin grip 4.6Ghz, but some CPUs usage the AM4 socket.

The champion Prime Day graphics paper deals

  • The Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 Ti primitively outgo $1,429.99 but is connected merchantability for conscionable $769.99. Equipped with 12GB of VRAM, Zotac’s configuration of the 3080 Ti has a boosted timepiece velocity of 1710MHz and demands a 750W powerfulness supply.
  • Originally priced astatine a whopping $2,399.99, the Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 3090 is discounted to $909 astatine Amazon. The monolithic RTX 3090 is designed to grip conscionable astir thing you tin propulsion astatine it, acknowledgment to its 24GB of VRAM. Zotac’s exemplary of the RTX 3090 has a boosted timepiece velocity of 1710MHz and requires a 750W powerfulness supply.


Zotac’s 24GB RTX 3090 paper is VR-ready and supports ray tracing, with capable graphical headroom for 4K gaming.

  • You tin besides find a discounted exemplary of the Zotac GeForce Gaming RTX 3060 for $393.51. Typically priced astatine $429.99, the RTX 3060 has the aforesaid 12GB of RAM arsenic the 3080 Ti but uses a slower representation interface. The 3060 is simply a bully enactment for 1080p gaming oregon 1440p with immoderate compromises.

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