New Microsoft 365 app replaces Microsoft’s Office app with new features and design

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Microsoft is rebranding its built-in Office apps connected Windows to Microsoft 365. While the existing app is chiefly utilized for speedy entree to Office apps, this caller Microsoft 365 1 is designed to truly leverage Microsoft’s Graph web to supply further apps, applicable documents, and a provender of meetings and accusation that mightiness beryllium utile to program a time ahead.

This caller app won’t beryllium constricted to Microsoft’s commercialized customers either, arsenic consumers and students volition besides beryllium capable to instrumentality vantage of it. It volition see the regular entree to Office apps, a provender of caller documents and files, and the quality to browse by meetings.

It besides present includes each Microsoft apps, not conscionable Office ones, and there’s adjacent a conception for third-party apps and institution apps. Then there’s a provender for seeing what meetings are coming up and personalized recommendations from Microsoft’s Graph network.

“The caller Microsoft 365 app is 1 portion of our larger strategy and absorption arsenic a institution connected Microsoft 365 and is reflective of the innovation we’ve strived to present arsenic enactment and beingness proceed to evolve,” explains Jared Spataro, CVP of modern enactment astatine Microsoft. “The caller app serves arsenic a hub for each the productivity apps Microsoft 365 offers and provides a simple, yet almighty acquisition for our customers arsenic they navigate changing workstyles and collaboration patterns.”

Microsoft primitively launched Microsoft 365 subscriptions for consumers 2 years ago, offering entree to Office, Teams, and much successful a monthly subscription package. It’s been mostly successful, arsenic Microsoft 365 Consumer subscriptions proceed to turn and are presently astatine 59.7 million.