Netgear’s Orbi 860 Wi-Fi 6 mesh router is ready for multi-gig internet service if you’ve got it

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Netgear released caller Orbi mesh routers that are acceptable to enactment multi-gig accelerated net speeds conscionable arsenic much providers commencement pushing gigabit-plus service. The Orbi 860 Series doesn’t person the latest Wi-FI 6E exertion similar the super-pricey Orbi 960 Series and different options similar Google’s Nest Wifi Pro oregon the Eero Pro 6E, but if astir of your devices don’t enactment the 6-GHz band, past you mightiness not request it immoderate clip soon. What it does person — different than the 10Gb Ethernet larboard its 850 predecessor lacks — is Wi-Fi 6, positive 4 LAN ports connected the router and satellites that enactment Gigabit networking.

The 860’s 3rd set supports dedicated backhauling that tin summation your section web speeds, portion the modular 2.4 and 5GHz bands support up with your wireless connections astatine up to 6Gbps speed.

Netgear institution calculates that the caller 860 Series is 20 percent amended astatine scope and velocity than the existing Orbi 850 models acknowledgment to a caller antenna design. The 850 tin enactment existent 2-gig services from Comcast and Frontier, but the 860 Series tin instrumentality vantage of AT&T’s 5-gig internet and beyond arsenic speeds proceed to increase. While 10-gig enactment connected the 860 whitethorn look excessive astatine first, see that Google is moving connected 20-gig.

It comes successful  achromatic  arsenic  well.

It comes successful achromatic arsenic well.

Image: Netgear

“It provides the capableness to capitalize connected higher incoming Internet speed, up to 10 Gigabit, an expanding fig of devices and adjacent amended Wi-Fi scope than the Orbi 850 Series,” said David Henry, Netgear’s president and wide manager of connected location products.

In the three-pack bundle (RBK863), Netgear says the Orbi 860 tin screen up to 8,000 quadrate feet of abstraction and enactment up to 100 connected devices simultaneously. If that region isn’t capable for you, you tin acquisition much satellites (RBS860) and widen the mesh sum adjacent further.

You tin preorder the caller Orbi 860 from Netgear’s website today, and deliveries volition commencement aboriginal this month. The three-pack volition acceptable you backmost $1,099.99, which is $300 much than the erstwhile Orbi 850 model, and further satellites outgo $429.99. Netgear volition besides fto you take betwixt achromatic and achromatic models to lucifer up nicely with your decor.