Netflix drops lawsuit against The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’s creators

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The streamer sued Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear for copyright infringement successful July, claiming the brace “stretches ‘fan fiction’ good past its breaking point”

Sep 24, 2022, 2:44 PM UTC|

Jean Page arsenic  Simon Basset and Phoebe Dynevor arsenic  Daphne Bridgerton

Image: Netflix

Netflix has dismissed its copyright infringement suit against Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, the creators down The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical, arsenic reported earlier by Variety and Deadline. A copy of the tribunal filing obtained by Deadline indicates that Netflix moved to “dismiss this enactment with prejudice,” meaning that the streamer can’t reopen the lawsuit successful the future.

The duo was scheduled to respond to Netflix’s ailment connected Thursday, but that ne'er happened, and Netflix dismissed the suit connected Friday. It’s unclear if they reached a colony with the streamer, but the 2 ended up canceling their September 20th concert astatine Royal Albert Hall successful London past month, wherever they were expected to execute their songs alongside the BBC Orchestra.

In July, Netflix sued Barlow and Bear aft they held a live, sold-out performance dedicated to their Bridgerton-inspired medium successful Washington DC, claiming the show wasn’t authorized by the company, and that the brace “stretches ‘fan fiction’ good past its breaking point.” It besides argued that it could origin disorder among fans who privation to be the Bridgerton Experience, Netflix’s ain Bridgerton-themed lawsuit that it holds successful respective cities, including Washington DC.

Barlow and Bear began making euphony inspired by Netflix’s Bridgerton bid connected TikTok aft the show’s 2020 premiere. The task yet snowballed into a 15-song medium that snapped up a Grammy earlier this year. Netflix initially expressed enactment for the music, with a station connected the streamer’s Twitter account saying it was “blown away” by however the task unfolded.

The Verge reached retired to Netflix and Barlow and Bear for remark astir the case’s dismissal but didn’t instantly perceive back.

Andrew Webster17 minutes ago

Get acceptable for immoderate Netflix news.

At 1PM ET contiguous Netflix is streaming its 2nd yearly Tudum event, wherever you tin expect to perceive quality astir and spot trailers from its biggest franchises, including The Witcher and Bridgerton. I’ll beryllium covering the lawsuit unrecorded alongside my workfellow Charles Pulliam-Moore, and you tin besides ticker on astatine the nexus below. There volition beryllium tons of expected names during the stream, but I person my fingers crossed for a caller play of Hemlock Grove.

The Netflix logo and the Tudum logo, some  of which are conscionable  the words “Netflix” and “Tudum” spelled out, on  with clip creation  of a playing paper  and a quality  from Squid Game.

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