Mythic Quest’s third season premieres in November

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The 3rd play of Mythic Quest, the Apple TV Plus amusement astir a radical of dysfunctional video crippled developers, volition premiere connected November 11th, Apple announced connected Thursday. The company’s tweet didn’t stock overmuch astir what to expect, but you tin get an thought of what’s coming successful the caller play by watching the teaser trailer released successful July.

Ian Grimm (played by amusement co-creator Rob McElhenney) and Poppy Li (Charlotte Nicdao) look to person followed done connected their program to permission the show’s fictional crippled studio, and it seems arsenic if they’ll beryllium dabbling with the metaverse. I’m definite nothing volition spell incorrect with that. That said, the trailer besides features a fewer scenes with them backmost with the remainder of the cast, truthful possibly they won’t beryllium excessively acold distant from Mythic Quest (the game) aft all.

A 4th play of the amusement is connected the mode arsenic well.