Microsoft Places is a new app to keep track of your hybrid team

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See however galore of your colleagues are successful the bureau and get assistance to articulation them

Oct 12, 2022, 4:00 PM UTC|

A banal  representation  showing however  Places tin  grounds   your colleague’s locations.

Image: Microsoft

As portion of today’s Ignite conference, Microsoft is launching a caller workplace app specifically designed to assistance with the challenges of hybrid working. The app is called Microsoft Places, and the institution says it’s launching “soon” successful beta. 

A screenshot of the app published by Microsoft contiguous shows a dashboard presumption that tracks what percent of your squad is owed to beryllium successful the bureau connected a fixed time and lets you database wherever you’re moving successful a fixed week. As good arsenic tracking people’s locations, the app is besides designed to assistance you signifier your enactment astir them by giving “insights and guidance” connected question clip arsenic good arsenic helping radical navigate to enactment locations within offices themselves.

Microsoft Places’ dashboard view.

A dashboard presumption showing wherever colleagues are moving successful a fixed week.

Image: Microsoft

Places is besides designed to assistance managers program bureau use, highlighting however spaces are utilized truthful they tin program however overmuch abstraction mightiness beryllium needed successful the future. Microsoft besides advertises that Places volition beryllium capable to connection accusation connected “sentiment related to hybrid policies” to assistance managers determine however to signifier their distant teams.

The motorboat of Places coincides with a broader propulsion astatine Microsoft (as good arsenic competitors similar Google) to update its workplace and productivity bundle to service the needs of an progressively hybrid workforce. These person ranged from elemental tweaks, similar allowing Outlook gathering participants to RSVP to be meetings remotely oregon Google Calendar users to broadcast their enactment locations, each the mode done to launching wholly caller services similar Microsoft Viva to assistance signifier distant workforces.

The institution besides needs to enactment connected its toes if it wants to vie with upstarts similar Zoom, which already offers a Slack-style chat rival to Teams and which reportedly plans to musculus successful connected Outlook by launching email and calendar apps earlier the extremity of the year.

Microsoft was 1 of the earliest companies to suggest that hybrid and distant moving policies brought successful arsenic a effect of the pandemic wouldn’t vanish arsenic lockdown restrictions eased. Over 2 years later, the prediction seems much close than ever. Now, the question is little astir whether hybrid moving is present to enactment and much astir what tools are needed to marque it arsenic seamless arsenic possible.

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