Meta’s making it easier to report bugs in its Horizon VR app

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Meta has updated Horizon Worlds, its main virtual world / “metaverse” app, to marque it easier to study bugs. If you spot thing going incorrect portion utilizing the app, you tin present property and clasp the A, B, X, and Y buttons connected your controllers to bring up the “report a problem” window, wherever you tin besides connect a screenshot showing what went wrong.

If the acquisition seems familiar, it whitethorn beryllium due to the fact that it’s been successful investigating for a while; according to Meta spokesperson Kelsi Horn, determination were aboriginal tests disposable to “a subset of creators” arsenic acold backmost arsenic April 2021. Since then, according to Horn, Meta has improved the UI and is present rolling it retired to everyone. Horn added that “bugs reported done this instrumentality are individually triaged by members of the Horizon Worlds team,” truthful it seems similar Meta’s decidedly trying to wage attraction to the reports.

That’s not needfully a surprise. In the blog station announcing the update, Meta admits that a contention it ran successful the app couldn’t beryllium reasonably judged due to the fact that “the level was unstable and had excessively galore bugs adjacent the extremity of the competition.” A recent report from my workfellow Alex Heath reveals that Horizon’s bugginess has been a sore spot wrong the company; the squad down it is successful a “quality lockdown” for the remainder of 2022 to robust retired the bugs earlier much radical commencement utilizing the app (early this year, Alex reported that it had astir 300,000 monthly users). In a memo, Meta’s VP of metaverse, Vishal Shah, told employees: “feedback from our creators, users, playtesters, and galore of america connected the squad is that the aggregate value of papercuts, stableness issues, and bugs is making it excessively hard for our assemblage to acquisition the magic of Horizon.”

Meta is besides making it a precedence for its employees to really commencement utilizing Horizon — “everyone successful this enactment should marque it their ngo to autumn successful emotion with Horizon Worlds,” Shah wrote, questioning wherefore the squad who built the app doesn’t walk much clip successful it themselves.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose imaginativeness has mostly driven the company’s metaverse efforts, has promised to stock details astir “major updates to Horizon and avatar graphics” astatine the company’s Connect league connected October 11th. The company’s besides acceptable to denote its next-gen headset, the Quest Pro, which seemingly leaked successful spectacular fashion past month. Of course, caller graphics and caller hardware could mean a big of caller bugs arsenic well, truthful this upgrade to the reporting strategy is well-timed.