LG’s bendable 42-inch OLED TV goes on sale next month for $3,000

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LG’s OLED Flex (LX3), a bizarre 42-inch TV that tin transform betwixt a curved and level TV astatine the propulsion of a button, present has an authoritative terms and merchandise date. The South Korean tech elephantine says it’ll beryllium disposable successful October for $2,999. Alongside it, the institution has besides announced pricing for the massive 97-inch mentation of its G2 OLED TV, which costs $24,999 and is disposable now, arsenic good arsenic the LG OLED Posé (LX1) manner TV, which costs $1,999 for the 55-inch exemplary that’s disposable present oregon $1,699 for the 48-inch exemplary coming successful November.

Considering the exorbitant $100,000 terms tag LG slapped connected its rollable TV past year, $2,999 for a bendable TV almost sounds affordable. Granted, the LG OLED Flex is implicit treble the terms of this year’s $1,399 42-inch C2, which offers functionally identical representation prime without the Flex’s flexibility, but it’s a terms that’s comparable to the kinds of premium TVs that radical really buy. Whether its bending gimmick is utile capable to warrant this terms premium is inactive up for debate.


The Posé takes its plan cues from an creation easel.

Image: LG

At the different extremity of the spectrum (both successful presumption of terms and size) is the $24,999 97-inch LG G2 OLED. It’s inactive a 4K sheet similar the remainder of the G2 lineup but present astatine a size that’s large capable to instrumentality implicit an full partition successful your home. As LG’s property merchandise points out, its OLED TVs are present disposable successful 8 antithetic sizes: 42-, 48-, 55-, 65-, 77-, 83-, 88-, and 97-inches. LG primitively announced the supersize exemplary way backmost astatine CES 2022, but until now, an authoritative terms and merchandise day person been elusive.

Finally, there’s the $1,699 / $1,999 LG OLED Posé (LX1), which was first announced backmost successful June and is intended to instrumentality connected Samsung’s design-focused Serif TV lineup. It’s inactive a 4K OLED TV, albeit 1 that’s modeled aft an creation easel with a “cozy cloth finish” that’s disposable successful a “soothing, muted beige color,” according to LG’s property release. An integrated cablegram absorption tray aims to support cablegram clutter to a minimum, and you tin adjacent usage the backmost of the TV arsenic a mag rack.