Ikea’s new Dirigera smart home hub is twice the price of the old gateway

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It looks similar Ikea’s caller Dirigera astute location hub is coming this November for €59.99 (around $59), doubly arsenic overmuch arsenic the existing Trådfri gateway sells for successful Europe and a period aboriginal than promised.

Tech Gaming Report spotted a income leafage for the Dirigera hub, which replaces the gateway for Ikea’s astute location ecosystem, connected the German Ikea site. We past recovered pages for the hub connected Spanish and Norwegian Ikea websites, too. A enactment connected the Norwegian tract that it’s a “new and amended replacement for TRÅDFRI gateway. Sales commencement successful November.”

When The Verge spoke to Ikea astir the caller hub earlier this summer, pricing was inactive TBD, but we knew it would outgo much than the Trådfri gateway, which presently sells for €29 (about $29). “It is simply a small spot much costly since it besides has much capabilities and much functionality,” said Rebecca Töreman, concern person astatine Ikea.

According to Ikea, the Dirigera hub volition beryllium Matter-ready, truthful its merchandise is simply a bully motion that Matter — which was promised successful the autumn of 2022 — is not acold behind. Matter is simply a caller astute location interoperability standard that promises to marque devices pass with each other, careless of shaper oregon ecosystem.

The Norwegian income  leafage   for the caller   Dirigera hub.

The Norwegian income leafage for the caller Dirigera hub.

With enactment for Matter, immoderate Ikea merchandise connected to the hub should beryllium controllable done immoderate Matter-enabled ecosystem. Apple, Google, Amazon, and galore much person each committed to supporting Matter. However, Ikea hasn’t stated which existing products mightiness beryllium upgraded to enactment the caller standard. The institution already has integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home. 

The Dirigera hub has Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Thread radios connected board, and the second allows it to enactment arsenic a Thread borderline router, which is simply a superior protocol utilized by Matter. It is somewhat slimmer than the Trådfri gateway and has an ethernet larboard and a USB-C jack for power.

Ikea besides said a caller Home Smart app would get with the caller hub.