I’m convinced the AirPods Max active noise cancellation has gotten worse

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The progressive sound cancellation (ANC) successful my one-week-old AirPods Max has gone soft. After updating to the latest firmware, mentation 4E71, I americium convinced the ANC is nary longer arsenic beardown oregon effectual arsenic it primitively was retired of the box. If you’re 1 of the folks who has experienced this frustrating contented (it’s been discussed connected Reddit for months), I present recognize the occupation firsthand.

Both my woman and I often enactment from home, and for a fewer days, my AirPods Max excellently rendered her concern calls inaudible to me, banished the corgi barks emanating from nether my table to the nether realms, and audibly unopen retired the high-rise operation tract extracurricular my flat window. But now, the ANC sounds similar what I’d picture arsenic a librarian’s transparency mode: it lets maine perceive my surroundings intelligibly but reduces the measurement for everything. I’m proceeding everything I don’t privation to now, and I’m convinced it’s due to the fact that of that firmware update.

Now the ANC sounds similar what I’d picture arsenic a librarian’s transparency mode

I didn’t unreserved to this conclusion. I discovered a simplification of the ANC spot aft a mid-week overnight charge. That’s apt the constituent the AirPods automatically ran the update, which they inactive bash stealthily for immoderate reason. Resetting the AirPods Max by holding some buttons and repairing did not bring backmost what I freshly remembered arsenic the champion ANC bid and quiescent during enactment that I’ve had.

Not each AirPods Max owners are convinced determination person been changes, though, with immoderate pinning it connected mendacious perceptions drawn from conscionable knowing determination was an update — the placebo effect. For some, that could beryllium a plausible mentation due to the fact that ANC arsenic a diagnostic tin beryllium hard to decipher and whitethorn beryllium perceived otherwise by antithetic ears.

In 2019, Bose QC35 II owners likewise complained astir degraded sound cancellation show aft a firmware update. The feedback was important capable for Bose to look intimately into the issue. But the institution insisted determination was nary regression. For immoderate users that purchased AirPods Max for accessibility reasons, a perceivable alteration could beryllium overmuch much apparent.

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Please bash what you utilized to bash best. Thanks.

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In my case, I’m assured this isn’t placebo. I wasn’t reasoning oregon paying attraction to thing related to firmware. And you mightiness beryllium thinking: well, firmware 4E71 came retired successful May, truthful my AirPods Max astir apt shipped with the latest firmware! Not truthful fast, due to the fact that erstwhile trying to acquisition Apple Care, I recovered retired my brand-new AirPods Max were older banal and had archetypal shipped to the retailer (Verizon) successful April based connected warranty information.

Apple bundle changelogs are reasonably informative, usually. For instance, iOS 16.0.2 was conscionable released this week, and it lists each the fixes within, including a remedy for the iPhone 14 Pro camera shake. But erstwhile it comes to firmware updates for each AirPods models, Apple isn’t arsenic thorough. For the past update, the lone accusation Apple shared was “Bug fixes and different improvements.” I reached retired to the institution astir what changes came successful the latest firmware and if ANC truly was affected but haven’t heard back. I conscionable privation Apple added antithetic ANC levels truthful radical tin find 1 that champion works for them.

This isn’t the archetypal clip radical person noticed a post-update downgrade successful show from Apple’s AirPods products. Many users complained that their AirPods Pro ANC was little effective pursuing a November 2019 update, and past much radical experienced a akin effect with update 2C54 successful 2020. Apple would aboriginal propulsion the 2020 update without explanation.

This concern leaves maine successful a pugnacious spot: I truly similar my AirPods Max. It feels truly comfy to deterioration each day, fits maine perfectly, and my caput doesn’t get hot. But since it doesn’t dependable arsenic bully arsenic it did retired of the box, I’m not definite if I privation to support them. I don’t perceive to euphony portion I’m working, truthful I was relying connected conscionable the ANC unsocial to assistance maine concentrate. What I’m doing present is playing antithetic rainfall and thunder sounds connected Apple Music, and that, combined with the existent ANC, works good capable for me.

Now I’m weighing my different options portion I’m successful my instrumentality period, including the Sony WH-1000XM5 oregon adjacent the older exemplary for amended portability (and either way, I’d prevention immoderate money, too). Alternatively, the improved ANC successful the caller AirPods Pro (2022) is besides connected my radar. Though, fixed Apple’s soundless and automatic mode of updating firmware, I interest the aforesaid happening tin hap each implicit again.