How to use the Apple Watch Ultra’s siren

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Apple includes fantabulous information features connected each its Apple Watch models, but there’s 1 that's exclusive to the caller Apple Watch Ultra: the siren.

The siren is designed to gully attraction to yourself if you’re ever injured oregon mislaid erstwhile exploring. To bash that, Apple included a 2nd talker connected the Ultra that tin emit an 86db dependable with a scope of up to 600 feet. When activated, the siren switches betwixt 2 dependable patterns that dependable akin to distress and well-known SOS signals.

Close up   of siren screen

You’ll beryllium capable to spot however overmuch artillery percent you person near erstwhile you activate the siren.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Once you’ve turned the siren on, your ticker surface volition amusement a reddish borderline and a telephone fastener truthful you tin interaction exigency services. You’ll besides spot your remaining artillery percentage. According to Apple, the siren tin past for respective hours — though that evidently depends connected however overmuch complaint you person near erstwhile you crook the siren on.

There are aggregate ways to entree the siren from your watch. Here’s however to get started.

From the app grid / list

Like the caller Depth app and the Compass app, the siren has its ain app accessible from the main app grid oregon list, depending connected however you’ve organized your apps.

  • Press the integer crown to entree the grid oregon list.
  • From the grid, find and pat the Siren app icon. It’s reddish with a achromatic bullhorn successful the center.
  • In the database format, your apps are listed alphabetically. Scroll down and pat Siren.
  • Tap the Play fastener to commencement the siren. To halt it, pat the aforesaid fastener again.

Close-up of exigency  surface  connected  Apple Watch Ultra

You tin besides alteration the siren from the exigency paper oregon by pressing the orangish Action button.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

From the exigency menu

  • Hold down the broadside fastener until the Emergency paper comes up. You should consciousness a haptic buzz.
  • The Siren slider volition beryllium astatine the top. Move the slider from near to close to activate.

From the Action button

The siren tin besides beryllium activated by pressing and holding down the Action fastener for a fewer seconds. (You tin find a much in-depth Action fastener how-to here.) However, to bash that, you’ll archetypal request to alteration this diagnostic successful the Action fastener settings.

On the watch:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to Action Button menu.
  • Scroll each the mode down to Siren.
  • Tap the Hold to Turn On toggle to enable.

On the iPhone:

  • Open the Watch app connected your iPhone.
  • On the My Watch tab, scroll down to the Action Button menu.
  • Scroll each the mode down to Siren.
  • Tap the Hold to Turn On toggle to enable.

Keep successful caput that, erstwhile you usage the siren, the existent loudness whitethorn beryllium impacted by your environment. For example, it’ll dependable overmuch louder if you’re successful an unfastened tract oregon indoor situation than if you’re successful a dense wood oregon surrounded by rocks.

The measurement volition besides gradually increase, truthful you’ll person clip to marque definite the ticker is further distant from your look earlier it reaches afloat volume.

Lastly, if you’re disquieted astir artillery life, you tin ever enable low-power mode to widen the Ultra’s artillery life.