How to preorder the Google Pixel Watch

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The Pixel Watch was announced successful May during Google’s I/O presentation. It was introduced alongside the Pixel 6A and Pixel Buds Pro, though, dissimilar those devices, it was near up successful the aerial arsenic “coming this fall.” Now, aft an extended wait, Google has yet announced all the details connected the forthcoming smartwatch, on with details regarding the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and different caller Google hardware and features. The Pixel Watch is shipping connected October 13th for a starting terms of $349.99, with preorders unfastened now.

If it’s been truthful agelong that you’ve forgotten what the Pixel Watch is each about, it’s the archetypal in-house smartwatch from Google, 1 that’s launching good implicit a afloat twelvemonth aft the company’s $2.1 cardinal acquisition of Fitbit. This is besides the archetypal smartwatch successful the Pixel line, arsenic Google seems to beryllium aiming for a much implicit ecosystem of its ain to amended rival Apple and Samsung — arsenic opposed to relying connected Wear OS partners similar successful the past. The Pixel Watch features a caller Wear OS experience, wellness and fittingness tracking by Fitbit (which whitethorn mean requiring a 2nd app), and a domed circular plan with UI elements controlled by its crown and broadside fastener successful summation to touch.

The Pixel Watch lone  comes arsenic  a small-ish lad  astatine  41mm wide.

The Pixel Watch lone comes arsenic a small-ish lad astatine 41mm wide.

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Unlike wearables from Apple and Samsung, the Pixel Watch lone comes successful 1 size — a 41mm that’s mean successful the satellite of accepted watches but diminutive erstwhile compared to caller chonkers similar the 45mm Galaxy Watch Pro and 49mm Apple Watch Ultra.

We inactive person to reappraisal the caller Pixel Watch and spot if it’s really bully oregon conscionable much of the aforesaid Google wearable messiness. However, if you’re looking to beryllium an aboriginal adopter of Google’s shiny caller wearable, you tin preorder the soon-to-be-released smartwatch now. Here, we’ll usher you done the main differences betwixt the assorted Pixel Watch configurations and wherever to bargain your own.

Deciding connected your Pixel Watch: it’s each astir benignant and connectivity

The Pixel Watch comes successful  4  stainless alloy  finishes, and owed  to the watch’s domed design, they’re astir   noticeable from the side.

The Pixel Watch comes successful 4 stainless alloy finishes, and owed to the watch’s domed design, they’re astir noticeable from the side.

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Since the Pixel Watch lone comes successful a circular, 41mm plan and each colour options are made of stainless steel, your choices are limited. Every exemplary comes with Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth 5.0, which are array stakes for a wearable. It conscionable comes down to if you privation to pony up $349.99 for the Wi-Fi mentation oregon $399.99 for the cellular-connected 1 with LTE.

As for the decorativeness options of each version, you tin take from matte achromatic with a achromatic band, metallic with a charcoal band, metallic with a achromatic band, oregon champagne golden with a hazel band. Each colour enactment is simply a stainless alloy case, and Google is selling optional ticker bands that formal up the Pixel Watch with a faux strap lug oregon springiness it a sportier style.

Where to preorder the Pixel Watch

You tin preorder the Pixel Watch present straight from Google and Best Buy, portion much retailers are definite to travel online with their ain preorder listings soon. The terms is $349.99 for the basal exemplary with stainless alloy lawsuit and Wi-Fi connectivity oregon $399.99 for an LTE-connected one.

Google is presently offering six months of Fitbit Premium work and 3 months of YouTube Music Premium work with the acquisition of immoderate Pixel Watch. The Fitbit promo is for caller and returning subscribers, portion the YouTube Music 1 is lone unfastened to USA customers who are caller to the service.

Pixel Watch render


Google’s archetypal smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, is simply a 41mm wearable with a domed design, a controllable crown, and a broadside button. It tin way your bosom rate, sleep, and log your workout activities. It besides supports Google Wallet NFC payments and Google Assistant dependable commands.

Pixel ticker  with each  the set  options laid retired  connected  the near  and close    sides.


The cellular connected mentation Google’s caller smartwatch. The Pixel Watch lone comes successful 41mm size and a stainless alloy finish, adjacent successful this higher-end model.

If you similar your smartwatch to beryllium connected to a cellular awesome — allowing you to ditch your telephone erstwhile exercising oregon adventuring — you tin besides presently preorder the Pixel Watch straight done compartment carriers. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile person preorders for the LTE versions, with AT&T offering a bargain one, get 1 escaped woody and T-Mobile doing 50 percent disconnected the ticker erstwhile you besides adhd a line.

These whitethorn beryllium good alternatives if you already person a instrumentality outgo program done your bearer for your phone. Just support successful caput that promotions offered by carriers are usually paid backmost to you via monthly measure credits implicit clip and not conscionable a lump discount.