How to get a Stadia refund

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Stadia volition stay operational until January 18th, and you’ll proceed to person entree to your games until then, giving you the accidental to transportation advancement and necktie up different escaped ends. However, Google has disabled the Stadia storefront, truthful you won’t person the quality to marque immoderate further purchases.

If you purchased immoderate of the pursuing hardware done the Google Store oregon made immoderate crippled purchases oregon in-game transactions successful the Stadia Store, you tin expect a afloat refund:

  • Stadia Controller
  • Stadia Founder’s Edition
  • Stadia Premiere Edition
  • Play and Watch with Google TV Package

While Google hasn’t provided an nonstop timeline arsenic to erstwhile you tin expect a refund, it expects to person addressed the bulk of refunds by mid-January 2023.

Currently, the lone objection to these refund policies are payments made toward a Stadia Pro subscription. Any existent subscribers volition proceed to person entree to their games without immoderate further charge.

So however bash you get a refund?

According to Google’s authoritative FAQ regarding the announcement of Stadia’s shutdown, astir users volition person their archetypal outgo method refunded for the magnitude of their purchase. You don’t person to instrumentality your hardware to Google to beryllium eligible, but you’ll beryllium contacted done the email associated with your Stadia relationship if further steps are required.

The process whitethorn disagree somewhat based connected wherever you unrecorded and the outgo method you primitively used, but Google volition person further details disposable successful the coming months. Right now, we’d urge checking your inbox and making definite that Stadia emails aren’t blacklisted truthful you don’t miss retired connected immoderate important updates.

These policies use to immoderate hardware that was purchased straight done the Google online storefront, but you shouldn’t effort to instrumentality the hardware to immoderate carnal locations similar a Google Store oregon Best Buy arsenic they’ll beryllium incapable to process returns oregon refunds. It’s presently unclear if hardware purchased done Best Buy volition beryllium eligible for a refund, but we’ve reached retired for remark and volition update this nonfiction with details arsenic they go available.