How to follow the biggest Fortnite tournament in years

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Epic’s expansive plans for competitory Fortnite ne'er truly took disconnected following the archetypal World Cup successful 2019. But the country could beryllium getting a boost precise soon with the archetypal large in-person tourney successful respective years.

The FNCS Invitational 2022 volition beryllium taking spot successful November astatine the Raleigh Convention Center and volition diagnostic immoderate of the champion players successful the satellite warring it retired for a stock of a $1 cardinal prize pool. It’s a acold outcry from the monolithic $30 cardinal excavation from the archetypal World Cup, which took spot astatine Arthur Ashe Stadium successful New York, but it does astatine slightest awesome a renewed effort connected Epic’s part. Whether that continues into 2023, of course, remains to beryllium seen. (The tourney besides comes astatine a precise engaged clip successful the esports world, kicking disconnected not agelong aft the League of Legends World Championship wraps up.)

But if you’re looking to get backmost into Fortnite esports, it’s a bully accidental to spot immoderate high-level contention — and astatine the precise least, you tin gain immoderate in-game cogwheel conscionable from watching.

How the tourney volition work

FNCS Invitational 2022 volition beryllium a duos contention and volition span 12 matches crossed 2 days; that means six matches volition beryllium played each day. Players volition gain points for their placement successful each lucifer — starting astatine 32 points for a win, each the mode down to conscionable 4 points for finishing betwixt 31st and 35th — on with an further 2 points for each in-game kill. The points are past added up astatine the extremity to find a winner. The apical 3 duos volition gain $200,000, $140,000, and $120,000, respectively.

How to watch

The contention volition instrumentality spot connected November 12th and 13th, with broadcasts kicking disconnected astatine 2:30PM ET each day. And it’ll beryllium streaming connected a immense fig of platforms: Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and the Fortnite site. You’ll besides beryllium capable to ticker the tourney from wrong Fortnite itself; Epic has built a caller Creative representation called Legends Landing wherever you tin enactment connected your champion Fortnite tegument and travel along. Those who ticker in-game oregon who ticker streams with drops enabled (and person their Epic and Twitch / YouTube accounts linked) tin besides gain 3 FNCS in-game cosmetics.