How to cancel your account at Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others

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Let’s look it: galore of america don’t wage capable attraction to what streaming services we are subscribed to — and paying for. Especially now, erstwhile determination are much and much services vying for our attention, it’s casual to spell for a proceedings subscription, oregon to determine that you’re going to subscribe “just for a mates of months,” and past wholly hide astir it. Meanwhile, your complaint paper is being pinged each month.

For example, implicit a twelvemonth ago, Matthew Inman, the comics creator who creates the tract The Oatmeal, reported (to his evident chagrin) that helium had been paying for Netflix’s DVD subscription for the past 13 years:

(For our younger readers: yes, Netflix started retired arsenic a DVD rental work and past segued to the streaming work it is today.)

So it whitethorn beryllium a bully idea, particularly if your income is simply a small tight, to cheque your existent streaming subscriptions and driblet the ones that you haven’t utilized for respective months. (After all, unless you’re grandfathered into an particularly bully woody — and that’s happening little and little these days — you tin ever re-up again if there’s thing connected the work you privation to watch.)

One happening to beryllium alert of: during the process of canceling a streaming service, you whitethorn request to spell done respective pages oregon pop-ups urging you not to cancel oregon to astatine slightest settee for a little costly (and usually little feature-filled) mentation of the service. So beryllium prepared.

Here’s wherever you tin spell to cancel immoderate of the much fashionable streaming services.

Netflix logo

Image: Netflix

Netflix presently offers three antithetic plans: Basic for $9.99 a month, Standard for $15.49 a month, and Premium for $19.99 a month; the differences betwixt the 3 impact video prime and resolution.

You tin find your existent subscription presumption astatine Netflix by clicking connected your idiosyncratic icon successful the top-right country and choosing Account. This volition instrumentality you to your relationship page, which volition springiness you each your accusation astir your existent account. On the near broadside of the page, look for the Cancel Membership button.

Amazon Prime logo

Image: Amazon

You can’t conscionable articulation Prime for its streaming services; you person to wage for the full bundle for $14.99 a period oregon $139 a twelvemonth (after a 30-day trial).

If you’re a subordinate of Amazon Prime and determine you privation to cancel, you tin spell to this leafage and click connected the “End Membership” button.

Be alert that if you’ve paid for an yearly membership, your refund — if you get 1 — volition beryllium connected however galore of your Prime benefits you’ve used, including deliveries, streaming movies, etc. When you statesman the process, the cancellation leafage volition archer you if you are eligible for immoderate benignant of refund. If the refund is tiny (or non-existent), you mightiness beryllium amended disconnected simply disabling the renewal enactment (go to the Membership Management section at Prime Central) truthful that you tin inactive instrumentality vantage of the benefits of Prime rank until your subscription ends. Also, if you are sharing the rank with different big successful your household, lone the superior subordinate tin cancel the account.

Note that, according to Amazon, you tin besides intermission your rank temporarily by going to the Membership Management section.

If you privation to wholly adjacent your Amazon relationship and delete each of your data, you tin spell to this page.

HBO Max logo

Image: HBO

HBO Max has been going done a fig of changes lately. For 1 thing, the work is merging with Discovery Plus, truthful cipher is rather definite however that volition impact the benignant of contented it provides. Currently, you tin wage $9.99 a period oregon $69.99 a twelvemonth for a subscription with ads; if you privation to debar the ads, it’s $14.99 a period oregon $104.99 a year.

In the meantime, the work tin beryllium subscribed to either independently oregon done a fig of antithetic providers, specified arsenic the Apple App Store, Google Play, and a clump of others. The champion mode to find retired however to driblet the work is to spell to HBO’s help leafage connected canceling your subscription oregon trial and click connected the due nexus for directions.

According to HBO, you should effort to cancel 1 oregon 2 days earlier your billing rhythm renews.

Apple TV Plus logo

Image: Apple

If you’re attracted by the contented connected Apple TV, you tin get it for $4.99 a period aft a seven-day trial. (If you bargain an Apple device, you get it escaped for 3 months if you use for it wrong 90 days.)

Instructions for canceling your Apple subscription can beryllium recovered here. In short:

  • To cancel connected your Mac, spell to the App Store, click your sanction (at the bottommost of the page) and past Account Settings (at the top). Scroll down to the Manage topic, look for Subscriptions, and click connected Manage. Click connected Edit adjacent to the subscription you privation to cancel and prime Cancel Subscription.
  • On an iPhone oregon iPad, spell to Settings, prime your name, past Subscriptions. Select the subscription you privation to leave, and pat connected Cancel Subscription.

Hulu logo

Image: Hulu

While you are encouraged by the tract to instrumentality Hulu arsenic a bundle with HBO Max and ESPN Plus, you tin subscribe to Hulu alone. Prices are presently $6.99 a period for a with-ads program and $12.99 for an ad-free plan. However, costs are going up arsenic of October 10th, 2022; astatine that point, you volition wage $7.99 a period for the with-ads plan; $14.99 a period for the ad-free plan. There are besides other plans available.

Hulu offers instructions connected however to cancel here — and makes definite that you cognize that you tin some cancel anytime and re-up anytime. You tin besides pause your subscription for up to 12 weeks. If you cancel, your canceled subscription volition past until the extremity of your billing cycle.

Since, similar HBO Max, there’s a bully accidental you’ve signed up done a 3rd enactment specified arsenic Amazon, Verizon, oregon Sprint, determination are respective links connected the leafage wherever you tin get circumstantial instructions.

YouTube TV logo

Image: YouTube

YouTube TV is 1 of those services that connection a wide scope of channels, including galore that utilized to lone beryllium disposable via cable. It costs $64.99 a month.

As with Hulu, you tin either cancel oregon intermission your YouTube TV subscription (links for either process are connected the aforesaid page). Pausing is simply a bully enactment if, for immoderate crushed (a vacation, a enactment project, impermanent fiscal difficulties), you don’t privation to usage the subscription for anyplace from 4 weeks to six months. You won’t beryllium capable to usage the work during that clip to ticker oregon record, but your already-recorded contented volition beryllium saved. Once the intermission is implicit (either via a pre-selected day oregon if you manually extremity the intermission period), your billing volition recommence.

If you privation to permission YouTube TV entirely, prime Cancel Now connected that aforesaid page. You volition inactive person work until the extremity of your outgo period; aft that, you’ll person different 21 days to presumption the recorded programs successful your library.

disney+ logo

Image: Disney

If you don’t take to bundle Disney Plus with Hulu and ESPN Plus, it comes to $7.99 a period oregon $79.99 a year.

To cancel your Disney Plus subscription connected the website, spell to your illustration icon successful the upper-right country and past click connected Account. Find your subscription level nether the subhead Subscription, click connected that, and past scroll down to wherever it says Cancel Subscription. As with astir different services, you volition inactive person entree to Disney Plus until the extremity of your billing cycle.

Note that canceling Disney Plus TV does not cancel your wide Disney account.

Paramount positive  logo

Image: Paramount

Paramount Plus offers 2 plans: the Essential program for $4.99 a period oregon $49.99 a year, which comes with “limited ads,” oregon the Premium program for $9.99 a period oregon $99.99 a year, which promises “No ads but unrecorded TV & a fewer shows” and the quality to download shows. You get a one-week trial.

Like respective of the different services here, the mode you cancel your Paramount Plus subscription depends connected however you subscribed successful the archetypal place. If you subscribed done the website, past spell to, click connected your idiosyncratic initials successful the precocious right-hand corner, prime Account, and past scroll down and prime Cancel subscription.

If you subscribed done different service, you’ll find the directions here.

Peacock TV Logo

Image: NBCUniversal

Peacock, owned by NBCUniversal, is the lone work listed present that has a escaped version; according to its database of plans, you tin ticker implicit 10,000 hours for escaped (although the contented volition invariably beryllium interrupted by ads). It besides has 2 paid services: Premium, which gives you further ad-supported contented for $4.99 a period oregon $49.99 a year; and Premium Plus, which for $9.99 a period oregon $99.99 a year, removes the ads and lets you download the content.

In different words, if you don’t privation to wage for the work anymore, you tin simply downgrade by going to your relationship page and going to Plans & Payments > Change Plan > Peacock Free. You volition beryllium switched to the escaped program astatine the extremity of your billing cycle.

If you signed up for Peacock done a antithetic service, you tin find directions connected however to downgrade here.

ESPN Plus logo

Image: ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus is chiefly disposable via third-party providers, specified arsenic DirecTV, YouTube TV, oregon a cablegram provider. It is besides often bundled with Disney Plus and Hulu. The terms depends connected the supplier you subscribed through.

If you primitively subscribed straight via the web and privation to cancel your subscription, log successful and prime Manage > Cancel Subscription. Otherwise, if you subscribed done 1 of the services mentioned above, your champion stake is to go to this page, which links to each of the ways it’s imaginable to cancel, depending connected however you primitively subscribed.

Update September 30th, 2022, 10:35AM ET: This nonfiction was primitively published connected January 15th, 2021. Paramount Plus and Peacock person been added; others person been updated to relationship for work and terms changes.