Facebook adds ‘show more’ and ‘show less’ controls to adjust what you see on your Feed

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Meta is rolling retired updates to the Facebook Feed that springiness users further ways to archer the institution what benignant of contented they privation to see.

“Show more” and “show less” buttons volition statesman appearing beneath posts from friends and recommended contented connected users’ quality feeds, Meta announced contiguous successful a blog post. Clicking the options temporarily increases oregon decreases however akin contented is ranked, resulting successful a much fine-tuned provender of contented users really privation to spot truthful they walk much clip connected the platform.

A GIF of a Facebook News Feed with “show more” and “show less” buttons beneath   posts. The idiosyncratic    is clicking connected  the buttons to awesome   preferences to Facebook.

“Show more” and “show less” buttons volition look beneath posts and successful the three-dot menu.

Image: Meta

“By offering much ways to incorporate nonstop feedback into Feed ranking, we’re making our artificial quality systems smarter and much responsive,” the institution says successful the blog post. The buttons volition besides look successful the three-dot paper connected idiosyncratic posts and successful the Feed preferences settings and volition beryllium coming to Reels arsenic well.

Meta already has an assortment of antithetic ways users tin archer Facebook and Instagram what they privation to spot — and what volition support them coming back. On Facebook, users tin already fell posts, which is expected to punctual the level to chopped backmost connected the magnitude of related content. Users tin besides tweak their Feed preferences to customize which posts they spot by adding favourite friends oregon snoozing posts from different users, groups, and pages. In August, Instagram announced it would beryllium investigating a mode for users to marque lists of keywords and emoji that they’re not funny in, a much granular mode of signaling contented preferences.

Meta has made it wide that Facebook’s Feed, primitively meant arsenic a spot to link with friends, is changing rapidly successful an epoch of TikTok dominance. TikTok’s addictiveness comes from its almighty proposal algorithm that keeps radical entertained and scrolling, and Meta has a batch of catching up to bash if it hopes to keep growing its idiosyncratic base. Maybe it should spell backmost to the news provender sliders?