Eufy’s impressive new smart cameras use AI to identify you and your pets

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Smart location institution Eufy’s caller wireless information camera, the EufyCam 3, bumps up the solution to 4K and adds a built-in star sheet to widen the year-long artillery beingness adjacent further. But its champion features travel from the caller HomeBase 3 hub the camera connects to wirelessly. This adds section processing of video to nonstop you an alert erstwhile it spots a person, pet, oregon vehicle, positive facial designation truthful it tin archer you if it’s a alien oregon a household member.

Another absorbing diagnostic is the enactment to upgrade the retention to arsenic overmuch arsenic 16TB of section retention with a hard thrust slot. Eufy says this is capable for 60 years of motion-activated video footage. The strategy isn’t susceptible of accepted continuous recording, but it is capable to grounds up to 2 months of back-to-back 120 2nd clips with tiny gaps betwixt them if you person a 4TB outer retention thrust installed.

The Edge Security System, which is the HomeBase 3 and 2 EufyCam 3s, costs $594.99. Additional EufyCam 3 cameras outgo $219.99, and determination are 3 and 4 camera kits. But the truly bully quality is that astir each of Eufy’s existing astute cameras, video doorbells, and sensors volition beryllium compatible with the caller HomeBase 3 (see sidebar).

This means if you bought a EufyCam 2, you could swap it implicit from a HomeBase 2 to a HomeBase 3, and your existing camera volition summation the quality to admit faces, spot your pets oregon an carnal lurking outside, and separate betwixt vehicles and different question events.

The EufyCam 3 is Eufy’s archetypal 4K solution camera; it has a 1.4 F aperture lens, colour nighttime vision, and a built-in spotlight

The strategy works with the Eufy app, wherever you tin presumption recorded and unrecorded footage. The caller cameras person two-way audio, truthful you tin speech to visitors oregon usage the built-in siren to scare disconnected intruders. It tin integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but there’s nary Apple Home compatibility astatine launch. (The Eufy HomeBase 2 and respective of the EufyCam 2 enactment of cameras are Apple Home compatible).

The EufyCam 3 is Eufy’s archetypal 4K solution camera; it has a 1.4 F aperture lens, colour nighttime vision, and a built-in spotlight. The 13,400mAh artillery should springiness up to a twelvemonth of artillery life, positive the integrated star sheet tin support it going longer with a mates of hours of sunlight a day. 

The caller   EufyCam 3 wireless information    camera has an integrated star  sheet  that needs astir   2 hours of sunlight a time  to support  it powered.

The caller EufyCam 3 wireless information camera has an integrated star sheet that needs astir 2 hours of sunlight a time to support it powered.

Image: Eufy

These Eufy products volition enactment with HomeBase 3 and its AI detection

  • EufyCam 2 Pro
  • EufyCam 2C Pro
  • EufyCam 2
  • EufyCam 2C
  • EufyCam E
  • EufyCam
  • Solo Cam*
  • Indoor cameras*
  • Video doorbell 2K
  • Video doorbell 1080p
  • Eufy question sensor, interaction sensor, and keypad
  • Eufy astute lock*
  • Floodlight Cam 2 Pro*
  • Video Doorbell Dual*

* compatibility coming aboriginal this year

“Most existent location information systems are integer video recorders triggered by motion, creating a changeless watercourse of mendacious alerts and monolithic amounts of wasted video data,” said Frank Zhu, Eufy information wide manager. “Our caller Edge Security System solves some issues portion keeping our committedness to lawsuit privateness and worth intact. Our customers wage nary subscription fees for storing oregon accessing their data.”

While Eufy offers a unreality video retention service, it’s not required to grounds oregon presumption footage. Instead, each video is stored locally on 16GB of built-in 256-bit encrypted section storage, which is expandable up to 16 TB. The HomeBase besides does the video processing, keeping your footage local. It uses a self-learning AI Eufy calls BionicMind, which the institution says volition larn and amended implicit time.

The enactment to upgrade to arsenic overmuch arsenic 16TB of retention with a hard thrust slot, not person to trust connected unreality storage, and get continuous video signaling volition beryllium precise charismatic to a batch of people. There aren’t galore options for an off-the-shelf astute location camera strategy with 24/7 continuous video recording, astir usage motion-triggered recording. Google Nest offers it connected immoderate of its cameras, and Google Nest besides has facial recognition, arsenic does Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video. But Eufy doesn’t complaint immoderate monthly subscription fees to presumption recorded footage — which Google Nest does, and with Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video, you request to wage for iCloud storage.

The Edge Security System is disposable contiguous successful the US astatine Amazon oregon Best Buy and is coming to the UK, Germany, and Australia connected September 30th.

Correction, 12:30pm ET, September 30th, 2022: An earlier mentation of this nonfiction stated the Eufy strategy was susceptible of continuous signaling — that is not correct, it tin grounds aggregate 120-second agelong clips successful a row, but they person a abbreviated spread betwixt each of them.