Elon Musk said to offer to buy Twitter, again, for $54.20 a share, again

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Elon Musk is said to person sent different connection missive to bargain Twitter astatine $54.20 a share, the same terms helium primitively projected successful April earlier trying to backmost retired of the deal, Bloomberg reported based connected anonymous sources.

Trading of Twitter shares was concisely halted.

The messages were notable for what wasn’t successful them: immoderate treatment of concerns astir bots

Musk and Twitter person been battling for months present astir the Twitter takeover. After offering to bargain the company, Musk tried to cancel the deal, claiming that Twitter had lied astir the fig of bot accounts connected the platform. Twitter sued Musk to effort to get him to abide by the declaration helium negotiated, and a proceedings day has been acceptable for October 17th.

Last week, an embarrassing tranche of substance messages was released successful tribunal filings. The messages were notable for what wasn’t successful them: immoderate treatment of concerns astir bots. Instead, what seemed to person caused Musk to suffer involvement was a struggle with Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, who had asked Musk to halt tweeting antagonistic things astir Twitter.

Also, at a pretrial proceeding past week, Musk’s statement astir being fixed atrocious information by Twitter suffered a blow. He’d hired immoderate companies to bash investigation connected Twitter’s bot numbers. One institution confirmed Twitter’s numbers; the different suggested that 11 percent of Twitter users were inauthentic... but that investigation wasn’t statistically strong.

It got worse for Musk astatine that hearing. He’s a well-known proponent of Signal, a privacy-focused messaging app that allows users’ messages to autodelete. That’s benignant of a occupation erstwhile you’re meant to preserve your messages for, let’s say, a lawsuit. It’s unclear however galore applicable messages whitethorn person been destroyed. Twitter has asked the justice successful this lawsuit to censure Musk for those mislaid messages.

Twitter did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.