EA’s new PC app is here to replace Origin

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EA’s caller PC app, designed to regenerate its Origin platform, is present disposable to download, the institution announced connected Thursday. This caller app is designed to connection a “faster, much reliable, and much streamlined gaming experience,” according to EA’s blog post, with features similar automatic crippled downloads and inheritance updates.

For players presently utilizing Origin, you’ll “soon” beryllium invited to power over. “By the clip you person your invite, each your games and content, including games antecedently installed, volition beryllium acceptable and waiting for you connected the EA app,” EA says. Saves and your friends database volition transportation implicit arsenic well. But if you don’t privation to wait, you tin download the app right present from EA’s website.

The app has been a agelong clip coming, arsenic EA archetypal announced that it would beryllium replacing Origin with this caller 1 a small implicit 2 years ago. EA has dilatory been distancing itself from the Origin branding, similar erstwhile it rebranded its EA Access and Origin Access services under the EA Play banner.

Origin isn’t wholly dormant yet, though, since macOS players volition inactive person to usage the Origin app to play their games. There’s nary circumstantial timeline for if oregon erstwhile that mightiness change, but “as things evolve, we’ll person much accusation to stock successful the coming months,” EA says successful a abstracted blog post.