DC Universe Infinite launches Ultra tier so you can read new comics sooner

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DC’s adding a caller Ultra tier to its Universe Infinite comic publication subscription work that lets you digitally work comics conscionable 1 period aft they deed store shelves (via Gizmodo). The caller tier launches connected Monday astatine an introductory terms of $99 / year, but this terms lone lasts until November 28th and DC doesn't specify however overmuch it volition outgo aft that.

Currently, users person to hold six months aft a caller comic hits DC Universe Infinite. While the caller tier could marque the work much charismatic to diehard comic publication fans, it’s considerably much costly than the $74.99 / twelvemonth oregon $7.99 / period modular subscription option.

In summation to a shorter motorboat window, DC’s throwing successful 5,000 exclusive titles from Vertigo, DC Black Label, and Collected Editions, bringing the full of disposable comics to implicit 32,000 for Ultra subscribers. Anyone upgrading to the caller tier volition besides get a accidental to person 1 escaped carnal comic book, starting with The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, which features an exclusive screen designed by Ivan Reis.

Adding the caller Ultra tier could assistance the DC Universe Infinite vie with Marvel Unlimited, which cut its integer merchandise window to 3 months successful 2020. Aside from its modular $9.99 / period oregon $69 / twelvemonth plans, Marvel Unlimited also has a $99 / twelvemonth Plus plan that comes with exclusive merch, discounts connected Disney’s online shop, and different perks that get refreshed connected a yearly basis.

Correction October 8th, 11:52PM ET: The subheading successful a erstwhile mentation of the nonfiction mistakenly said that the DC Universe Infinite Ultra tier costs $99 / period erstwhile it’s really $99 / year. We regret the error.

Update October 8th, 11:52PM ET: Updated to clarify that Marvel Unlimited’s Plus program is refreshed connected a yearly basis.