CD Projekt Red is working on a new franchise and new Witcher and Cyberpunk games

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CD Projekt Red (CDPR) is moving connected much games acceptable successful The Witcher and Cyberpunk universes, arsenic good arsenic a marque caller franchise that’s being created wholly in-house, the workplace announced successful a strategy update connected Tuesday.

Let’s commencement archetypal with what was announced for The Witcher. CDPR announced what it called a “new saga” in March, and we present cognize that the archetypal crippled successful what is planned to beryllium a trilogy will beryllium codenamed “Polaris.” The crippled is acceptable to beryllium developed utilizing Unreal Engine 5. CDPR plans to present the games implicit a six-year play “starting from the merchandise of Polaris,” Adam Kiciński, associated CEO of CDPR, said successful a video. 

There are 2 different caller Witcher games successful the works, too. One, referred to arsenic “Canis Majoris,” is simply a “full-fledged” Witcher rubric but abstracted from the caller trilogy. It volition beryllium developed by an outer studio. In Tuesday’s update, CDPR said it is unfastened to moving connected much games with outer partners.

The different caller Witcher title, codenamed “Sirius,” volition person multiplayer gameplay “on apical of a single-player acquisition including a run with quests and a story,” CDPR said successful a tweet. Sirius is successful improvement by the Boston-based The Molasses Flood, which CDPR acquired successful October 2021. CDPR is besides moving connected the next-gen merchandise of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is acceptable to motorboat before the extremity of this year.

The next Cyberpunk crippled is codenamed Orion, “which volition instrumentality the Cyberpunk franchise further and proceed harnessing the imaginable of this acheronian aboriginal universe,” CDPR tweeted. Orion volition beryllium developed by a caller workplace based successful Boston alongside the company’s Vancouver team, which CDPR is collectively referring to arsenic CD Projekt Red North America. (The caller Boston workplace is abstracted from The Molasses Flood.) CDPR has antecedently said that it’s processing a large Cyberpunk 2077 expansion, titled Phantom Liberty, that’s set to merchandise successful 2023.

CDPR’s caller and 3rd large franchise is codenamed Hadar, and it’s precise aboriginal successful development. “The task is successful the earliest stages of the originative process, which means we are not processing immoderate crippled yet, but moving exclusively connected the instauration for this caller setting,” CDPR tweeted. There’s nary timeline for erstwhile we tin expect to play a crippled from this franchise, truthful we mightiness beryllium waiting a while.

One different happening to look guardant to: it sounds arsenic if CDPR is looking to incorporated multiplayer into much of its upcoming games successful portion due to the fact that of utilizing Unreal Engine 5. “UE 5, our caller engine, offers a coagulated tech model allowing america to make multiplayer for astir of our aboriginal titles,” Michał Nowakowski, CDPR’s SVP of concern development, said successful a video. 

Alongside the caller games, CDPR besides announced that co-founder and associated CEO Marcin Iwiński volition beryllium stepping down from the associated CEO position. He plans to service arsenic the president of the company’s supervisory board.