Blizzard will be taking Overwatch 2 offline again

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Blizzard volition beryllium taking the Overwatch 2 servers offline erstwhile again to hole much of the issues that person cropped up during the game’s rocky launch. The institution plans to unopen the crippled down astatine astir 9PM ET (6PM PT), and expects the downtime to past for an hour. This downtime volition beryllium the 3rd successful 2 days, arsenic Blizzard had to instrumentality the crippled offline doubly connected Thursday.

Blizzard elaborate the fixes successful the works and immoderate updates connected a fewer of the bigger issues in a station connected its forums. In Friday evening’s downtime, Blizzard plans to hole Watchpoint Packs not appearing arsenic disposable for players who preordered them, and to code the LC-208 mistake that is preventing immoderate players from logging in.

In Friday’s post, Blizzard confirmed that the alteration to its SMS Protect telephone fig requirements is present officially successful effect. Originally, Overwatch 2 players were required to person a postpaid telephone fig registered to their accounts to beryllium capable to play. However, successful effect to players’ outcry, Blizzard said it would beryllium softening the argumentation truthful that radical who had played the archetypal Overwatch with a connected relationship nary longer needed to registry a telephone fig to play the sequel.

“Weekend gamer hours volition beryllium its biggest trial yet”

The institution is besides looking into the agelong hold times players mightiness beryllium experiencing earlier matches. To code them, “we are changing configurations wrong this strategy contiguous and anticipation to somewhat shorten that hold passim the day,” Blizzard said successful the post.

Blizzard is optimistic astir the fixes it implemented on Thursday. The changes “resulted successful a quadrupling of our capableness and an eventual simplification successful login queues overnight,” according to the forum post. Blizzard volition proceed monitoring things implicit the coming days, arsenic “weekend gamer hours volition beryllium its biggest trial yet.” Hopefully, things mightiness beryllium starting to creaseless implicit for Overwatch 2.