Australia to overhaul privacy laws after massive data breach

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Companies volition beryllium required to stock idiosyncratic information with banks to forestall fiscal fraud, the premier curate said

Sep 26, 2022, 4:03 PM UTC|

A cartoon illustration shows a shadowy fig  carrying disconnected  a reddish  directory folder, which has a surprised-looking look   connected  its side.

Illustration by Beatrice Sala

Following 1 of the biggest information breaches successful Australian history, the authorities of Australia is readying to get stricter connected requirements for disclosure of cyber attacks.

On Monday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told Australian vigor presumption 4BC that the government intended to overhaul privateness legislation so that immoderate institution suffering a information breach was required to stock details with banks astir customers who had perchance been affected successful an effort to minimize fraud. Under existent Australian privateness legislation, companies are prevented from sharing specified details astir their customers with 3rd parties.

The argumentation announcement was made successful the aftermath of a huge information breach past week, which affected Australia’s second-largest telecom company, Optus. Hackers managed to entree a immense magnitude of perchance delicate accusation connected up to 9.8 cardinal Optus customers — adjacent to 40 percent of the Australian population. Leaked information included name, day of birth, address, interaction information, and successful immoderate cases, driver’s licence oregon passport ID numbers.

Reporting from ABC News Australia suggested the breach whitethorn person resulted from an improperly secured API that Optus developed to comply with regulations astir providing users multifactor authentication options.

A idiosyncratic claiming to beryllium the Optus hacker seems to person corroborated this relationship of the information breach in conversations with information writer Jeremy Kirk. Per details fixed to Kirk by the presumed hacker, the information was downloaded by querying the API sequentially for each worth of a unsocial identifier tract labeled “contactid” and signaling each user’s accusation 1 by 1 until the dataset of millions of records was assembled.

A station from the aforesaid idiosyncratic successful a fashionable hacking forum claimed to connection the idiosyncratic information for merchantability for $150,000 and listed an extortion terms of $1 cardinal to support the information private, to beryllium paid successful the Monero cryptocurrency. The hacker besides released a fig of escaped “sample files,” which they said contained the afloat code accusation of 10,000 Optus users.

Screenshot from Breached hacking forum from a idiosyncratic   claiming to beryllium  the Optus hacker, listing information  from 11.2 cardinal  idiosyncratic    accounts for sale.

As the concern unfolds, galore Optus customers person taken to societal media to explicit their vexation with however the hack was being handled, peculiarly successful respect to notifying affected users that their information was astatine risk.

“Amazing that Optus tin email maine erstwhile I americium a time precocious successful paying my bill, but not erstwhile they suffer each my idiosyncratic info successful a monolithic cyber hack,” tweeted Patrick Keneally, a quality exertion for Guardian Australia, aft the information breach came to light.

Edward Snowden has been granted Russian citizenship.

The NSA whistleblower has been surviving successful Russia for the 19 years — archetypal arsenic a refugee, past connected a bid of impermanent residency permits. He applied for Russian citizenship successful November 2020, but has said helium won’t renounce his presumption arsenic a U.S. citizen.

Vietnam’s EV aspirant is giving large Potemkin colony vibes

Idle equipment, absent workers, deserted villages, an bare swimming pool. VinFast is Vietnam’s reply to Tesla, with the extremity of making 1 cardinal EVs successful the adjacent 5-6 years to merchantability to customers US, Canada and Europe. With these lofty goals, the institution invited a clump of societal media influencers, arsenic good arsenic immoderate car journalists, connected a “a four-day, multicity extravaganza” that seemed much weird than convincing, according to Bloomberg. Guests were treated to a champagne and lobster lunch, but besides were near wondering wherefore nary of VinFast’s machinery was working. They adjacent got to sojourn the company’s existent property holdings extracurricular Hanoi, wherever they were greeted by bare swimming pools, dusty operation equipment, and a room devoid of books.

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Nilay PatelSep 13

Today, 39 years ago, the satellite didn’t end.

And it’s acknowledgment to 1 man: Stanislav Petrov, a USSR subject serviceman who, connected September 26th, 1983, took the determination not to motorboat a retaliatory atomic onslaught against the US. Petrov correctly guessed that outer readings showing inbound nukes were faulty, and truthful apt saved the satellite from atomic war. As writer Tom Chivers enactment it on Twitter, “Happy Stanislav Petrov Day to those who celebrate!” Read much astir Petrov’s beingness here.

Soviet Colonel who prevented 1983 atomic  response

Photo by Scott Peterson/Getty Images

James VincentTwo hours ago

Deepfakes were made for Disney.

You mightiness person seen the quality this play that the dependable of James Earl Jones is being cloned utilizing AI truthful his show arsenic Darth Vader successful Star Wars tin live connected forever.

Reading the story, it struck maine however cleanable deepfakes are for Disney — a institution that profits from archetypal characters, fans' nostalgia, and an uncanny quality to twist copyright law to its liking. And now, with deepfakes, Disney’s astir iconic performances volition unrecorded connected forever, ensuring the magic never dies.

Darth Vader successful  Disney Plus’ Obi Wan series

Hurricane Fiona ratcheted up tensions astir crypto bros successful Puerto Rico.

“An authoritative exigency has been declared, which means successful the taxation program, your carnal beingness clip is suspended,” a crypto capitalist posted connected TikTok. “So I americium headed retired of the island.” Perhaps predictably, locals are furious.

Teen hacking fishy linked to GTA 6 leak and Uber information breach charged successful London.

City of London constabulary tweeted Saturday that the teen arrested connected suspicion of hacking has been charged with “two counts of breach of bail conditions and 2 counts of machine misuse.”

They haven’t confirmed immoderate transportation with the GTA 6 leak oregon Uber hack, but the details enactment up with those incidents, arsenic good arsenic a fishy arrested this outpouring for the Lapsus$ breaches.

Art rendering of transparent laptop successful  beforehand   of a partition  of surveilling eyes.

Green light.

Good greeting to everyone, but for the intern oregon whoever prevented america from seeing however Microsoft’s Surface held up to yet different convulsive NFL incident.

Today’s large lawsuit is the clang of a NASA spaceship this evening — connected purpose. Mary Beth Griggs tin explain.

Bills violative  coordinator Ken Dorsey slams his tablet into his table  retired  of frustration

Thousands and thousands of reasons radical emotion Android.

“Android fans, what are the superior reasons wherefore you volition ne'er ever power to an iPhone?” That question led to astir 30,000 comments truthful far, and was for a portion the astir fashionable happening connected Reddit. It’s a wholly fascinating peek into the level wars, and I’ve spent mode excessively overmuch clip speechmaking done it. I besides laughed hard at “I tin crook my substance bubbles to immoderate colour I like.”

The Simpsons pays tribute to Chrome’s dino game.

Season 34 of The Simpsons kicked disconnected connected Sunday nighttime with an opening credits “couch gag” based connected the offline dino crippled from Google’s Chrome browser. Cactus, cactus, couch, d’oh! Perfect.

Table breaks earlier Apple Watch Ultra’s sapphire glass.

”It’s the astir rugged and susceptible Apple Watch yet,” said Apple astatine the motorboat of the Apple Watch Ultra (read The Verge reappraisal here). YouTuber TechRax enactment that assertion to the trial with a bid of drop, scratch, and hammer tests. Takeaways: the titanium lawsuit volition scratch with capable abuse, and that level sapphire beforehand crystal is pugnacious — tougher than the array which cracks earlier the Ultra fails — but not indestructible.

Rihanna’s headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Apple Music’s acceptable to sponsor the Halftime Show adjacent February, and it’s starting retired beardown with a show from Rihanna. I honestly can’t retrieve which institution sponsored the Halftime Show earlier Pepsi, truthful it’ll beryllium bully to spot however Apple handles the amusement for Super Bowl LVII.

Starlink is growing.

The Elon Musk-owned outer net service, which covers each 7 continents including Antarctica, has present made implicit 1 cardinal idiosyncratic terminals. Musk has large plans for the service, which helium hopes to grow to cruise ships, planes, and adjacent school buses.

Musk recently said he’ll sidestep sanctions to activate the work successful Iran, wherever the authorities enactment restrictions connected communications owed to wide protests. He followed done connected his committedness to bring Starlink to Ukraine astatine the commencement of Russia’s invasion, truthful we’ll person to hold and spot if helium manages to bring the work to Iran arsenic well.

We mightiness not get different Apple lawsuit this year.

While Apple was initially expected to clasp an lawsuit to motorboat its rumored M2-equipped Macs and iPads successful October, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicts Apple volition denote its caller devices successful a bid of property releases, website updates, and media briefings instead.

I cognize that it astir apt takes a batch of enactment to enactment these polished events together, but if Apple does walk connected it this year, I volition benignant of miss vibing to the livestream’s euphony and seeing each the caller products get presented.

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