Apple’s new M2-powered MacBook Air is cheaper than ever

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If the woody connected the 512GB M2-powered MacBook Air we featured earlier this week was excessively spendy for you, fret not, due to the fact that Apple’s basal exemplary is presently adjacent cheaper. Right now, Amazon and Best Buy are selling the exemplary with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of retention for conscionable $1,049 ($150 off), the laptop’s lowest terms to date. Unlike Amazon, however, Best Buy is discounting each colors successful lawsuit you’re not a instrumentality of acheronian bluish oregon gray.

True, it whitethorn instrumentality a portion to execute immoderate tasks fixed the retention connected the basal exemplary is slower than that of the caller 512GB M2-powered Air, but it’s inactive faster wide and should fulfill the mean person’s needs. Plus, it importantly improves upon 1 of the things we disliked the astir astir the M1-powered Air: its atrocious 720p webcam. Instead, the newer exemplary boasts a acold superior 1080p camera.

However, if you bash similar thing with faster and greater retention capacity, you’re successful luck: the exemplary equipped with 512GB of retention is inactive connected merchantability for $1,349 successful prime colors astatine Amazon. Read our review.


The redesigned MacBook Air is simply a thin, lightweight instrumentality powered by Apple’s latest chip. The M2 exemplary besides touts a 1080p webcam and a amended show than its predecessor, portion retaining features similar agelong artillery beingness and MagSafe charging.


The redesigned MacBook Air is simply a thin, lightweight instrumentality powered by Apple’s latest chip. The M2 exemplary besides touts a 1080p webcam and a amended show than its predecessor, portion retaining features similar agelong artillery beingness and MagSafe charging.

Shifting distant from laptops to 4K TVs, close now, you tin bargain Hisense’s caller U7H Series TV successful the 65-inch configuration for conscionable $749.99 alternatively of $1,049.99 from Amazon and Best Buy — a caller all-time debased price. Through October 31st, Hisense is besides throwing successful a 100-day instrumentality warrant when you registry your TV wrong 14 days of purchase, truthful you tin instrumentality it aft giving it a whirl. If you determine to support the TV, Hisense volition springiness you $100 when you registry your details here wrong 100 days of your acquisition oregon transportation date. So, it’s arsenic if you lone paid $649.99 for the TV.

The TV sports a accelerated 120Hz refresh complaint on with enactment for Dolby Vision HDR. You tin besides marque dependable requests acknowledgment to enactment for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Plus, it shouldn’t beryllium excessively hard to find thing to watercourse aft a agelong time fixed the TV uses the Google TV platform, which recommends shows and movies you whitethorn similar to ticker from your favourite streaming services.


The Hisense U7H TV offers a 120Hz refresh complaint arsenic good arsenic built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and enactment for Dolby Vision HDR.

Have you been eyeing Apple’s Watch Series 8 but don’t person $399 conscionable lying astir to spend? If each you’re looking for is simply a wearable that’ll assistance you show your wellness and fittingness goals, the Apple Watch-esque Fitbit Sense is simply a cheaper alternative. Right now, Amazon is selling the first-gen fittingness tracker successful achromatic for $174 alternatively of $299.95, which is astir its lowest terms to date. No different retailer is presently matching that price, though Walmart is selling the aforesaid exemplary for $6 more if you don’t privation to store astatine Amazon.

Unfortunately, the last-gen Sense doesn’t person the carnal buttons recovered connected the Sense 2, nor does it connection the caller continuous electrodermal enactment (cEDA) sensor to amended way your accent levels. Nevertheless, it’s a bully tracker that tin way your stress, albeit not continuously, passim the day. It’s besides great astatine tracking your sleeping habits and comes with an EKG, which is simply a diagnostic that even our favourite tracker, the Fitbit Versa 3, lacks. Read our review.


The Fitbit Sense includes FDA clearance and allows you to way your accent levels successful summation to measuring your humor oxygen levels. The ticker besides includes Google Assistant enactment arsenic good arsenic built-in Alexa.

For those who similar buying Apple’s authoritative products implicit third-party alternatives, you whitethorn privation to cheque retired this MagSafe Battery Pack deal. Verizon is presently selling the magnetic powerfulness slope for $74.24 alternatively of $99.99, which matches its all-time low. The 1,460mAh battery tin complaint your iPhone with up to 15 watts of powerfulness erstwhile plugged into a 20-watt powerfulness ceramic and astatine 7.5-watts erstwhile wirelessly charging it (and you update the firmware). While that’s dilatory and it whitethorn not beryllium capable to afloat complaint newer iPhone models, the portable charger volition apical them up capable truthful that you won’t tally retired of artillery portion connected the go. Plus, you tin cheque its charging presumption connected your iPhone — thing unsocial to the MagSafe Battery Pack — oregon usage it to wirelessly complaint a brace of AirPods via MagSafe. Read our review.


Apple’s compact MagSafe Battery Pack is the lone enactment for magnetic wireless charging connected the spell that is integrated with iOS for disposable complaint levels. It does not battalion capable foodstuff to afloat complaint an iPhone 14, but it’s convenient for top-ups.

The deals conscionable support coming

  • If you haven’t already heard, Amazon announced a fifth-gen Echo Dot earlier this week, 1 that doubles arsenic an Eero Wi-Fi extender. And close now, Amazon is selling it alongside an Eero Mesh Wifi Router for $99.99, which is $19 little than if you were to bargain the 2 separately. Just enactment that the astute talker won’t vessel until it launches connected October 20th.
  • Marshall’s fantabulous Monitor II ANC headphones are a stylish pair of noise-canceling headphones that connection up to 45 hours of playback and warm, textured sound. Right now, you tin bargain them for $299.99 alternatively of $319.99 astatine Best Buy, which is simply a uncommon discount.
  • If you’re looking to prevention connected streaming services, clip is moving retired to instrumentality vantage of the ad-supported Hulu woody we wrote astir earlier this month. Now until 2:59AM ET connected October 6th, caller and returning customers tin subscribe to Hulu with Live TV for conscionable $49.99 ($20 off) a period for 3 months. 

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