Amazon’s big Echo (and now Kindle) event live blog

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Amazon has utilized its past September events to denote a flying camera drone, a location robot, and an Alexa-enabled microwave. Needless to say, it’s hard to foretell what the institution has successful store astatine its yearly event, but we tin beryllium definite there’ll beryllium a batch of products connected tap. Chances are precocious we’ll spot updated devices successful the Echo lineup, plentifulness of caller things that enactment with Alexa, and apt immoderate announcements involving different large Amazon brands too, from Fire TV to Ring and Eero.

The lawsuit is being held virtually via livestream, but it’s disposable to ticker connected an invite-only basis. If you privation to support up connected the lawsuit arsenic it happens, we’ve got you covered: The Verge unit volition beryllium tuned successful and reporting from the lawsuit live, truthful you tin instrumentality astir to beryllium filled successful arsenic details are announced.

Amazon’s livestream starts contiguous astatine 12PM ET / 9AM PT, and our unrecorded blog volition footwear disconnected soon earlier then. We can’t accidental for definite that we’ll get different gadget arsenic glorious arsenic the Alexa-powered Big Mouth Billy Bass, but you ne'er truly cognize what Amazon has successful the works.

Amazon Fall Product Event Live Blog