All the news from Meta Connect 2022

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After months of teasing, it’s clip for Meta to present its high-end virtual world headset. Mark Zuckerberg volition unfastened Meta Connect 2022 with a keynote presumption sharing updates connected his company’s enactment connected their assorted metaverse projects. Expect updates connected Horizon Worlds and Horizon Workrooms — its apps for amusive and concern successful the integer satellite — plus astatine slightest 1 large caller hardware announcement: the instauration of the much-teased and occasionally leaked Quest Pro headset.

This is simply a large infinitesimal for Meta. The institution is simply a twelvemonth retired from its rebrand distant from Facebook, its metaverse initiatives person been burning billions of dollars, and the institution has been struggling with gross and idiosyncratic maturation each the while. The effect has been immoderate precise unhappy investors, with Meta’s banal falling by much than fractional implicit the people of the year. At Connect, Zuckerberg has a accidental to amusement what the institution has been moving connected and beryllium that it’s each starting to adhd up.

Meta Connect 2022 kicks disconnected astatine 1PM ET / 10AM PT. The lawsuit volition beryllium streaming online — and, naturally, successful VR arsenic good wrong Horizon Worlds for those who ain a Quest 2 headset.