Alienware’s new QD-OLED gaming monitor drops some features to keep the price down

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Alienware has introduced a somewhat cheaper mentation of its 34-inch QD-OLED curved gaming monitor, scheduling it to motorboat successful China archetypal connected October 18th, followed by the US and Canada connected November 8th, 2022. While akin successful galore ways to the $1,299.99 AW3423DW it delivered successful the spring, determination are 2 cardinal spots wherever Alienware made changes that assistance get the sticker terms of this AW3423DWF down to $1,099.99 (note: this isn’t replacing the AW3423DW; some models volition beryllium sold simultaneously). Namely, it dropped Nvidia’s G-Sync Ultimate adaptable refresh complaint (VRR) enactment successful favour of AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, and it lowered the refresh complaint from 175Hz to 165Hz.

Those changes don’t change the information that you’re inactive getting a accelerated 3,440 x 1,440 QD-OLED show with HDR support. Desktops and laptops with almighty Nvidia GPUs tin inactive pat into each of those features. Though, without G-Sync Ultimate, you won’t person Nvidia’s warrant that the show and your GPU tin enactment successful tandem to execute perfect VRR results astatine each times to forestall surface tearing and different unsightly things, similar ghosting.

A beforehand   and rear changeable  of the caller   Alienware AW3423DWF 34-inch curved QD-OLED gaming monitor.

Despite the 2 QD-OLED models looking similar, the newer mentation has a somewhat slimmer plan that Alienware says makes it easier to mount.

Image: Alienware

It’s besides worthy noting that the cheaper exemplary has 1 HDMI 2.0 larboard and 2 DisplayPort 1.4 ports, whereas the AW3423DW has 2 HDMI 2.0 ports and lone 1 DisplayPort video input. Here, you’ll beryllium capable to acquisition the afloat 165Hz refresh complaint done DisplayPort, portion the HDMI 2.0 ports apical retired astatine 100Hz. Keep successful caput that its 21:9 facet ratio means it’s champion for PC games that tin standard to ultrawide resolution, which is thing that consoles presently cannot natively do.

One universally affirmative alteration that’s contiguous successful the cheaper exemplary is that Alienware says its thinner plan volition let for easier partition mounting. Looking astatine the dimensions, it seems astir 10mm thinner than the preexisting model. Otherwise, I deliberation you’d person a hard clip telling 1 from the other, adjacent if they were sitting broadside by side.

Alienware QD-OLED gaming show   sitting connected  a achromatic  table  successful  a well-lit country   displaying the crippled  Deathloop.

Unlike Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G9, Alienware’s QD-OLED has a much subtle 1800R curvature.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

This caller mentation should present the aforesaid large representation prime arsenic the archetypal exemplary but with a fewer insignificant changes that yet whitethorn oregon whitethorn not sway you from its somewhat cheaper terms point. Granted, $1,099 is inactive a steep terms to wage for a 34-inch monitor, but if you privation thing that is much PC-friendly than a 16:9 42-inch LG C2 and with a much awesome representation than the $899.99 Sony InZone M9, this could beryllium close up your alley.