Trevor Noah is leaving 'The Daily Show'

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“The Daily Show” big Trevor Noah has announced helium volition measurement distant from the anchor desk.

In a video connection shared connected Twitter Thursday, Noah said that aft 7 years arsenic big of the Comedy Central satirical quality program, his “time is up.”

“It’s been perfectly amazing. It’s thing that I ne'er expected,” Noah said of his acquisition hosting the show. “I recovered myself reasoning passim the clip of everything we’ve gone through. The Trump presidency, the pandemic, conscionable the journey, much pandemic and I recognize that aft the 7 years, my clip is up.”

Noah, a standup comedian from South Africa, was a comparative newcomer to American audiences erstwhile helium was named arsenic big of “The Daily Show” aft Jon Stewart signed disconnected successful 2015.

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“I privation to accidental convey you to you, to you who watched this,” Noah said. “I ne'er dreamed that I would beryllium here. I benignant of consciousness similar ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ I came present for a circuit of what the erstwhile amusement was and past the adjacent happening you cognize I was handed the keys.”

Noah hinted that his determination to permission the amusement is rooted successful his tendency to instrumentality to much standup work.

“I spent 2 years successful my apartment, not connected the road, and erstwhile I got backmost retired there, I realized there’s different portion of my beingness retired determination that I privation to transportation connected exploring. I miss learning different languages. I miss going to different countries and putting connected shows,” Noah said.

He expressed his gratitude to his viewers, “The Daily Show” squad and to Comedy Central, “who believed successful this random comedian cipher knew connected this broadside of the world.”

“I’ve loved hosting this show, it’s been 1 of my top challenges and 1 of my top joys,” Noah said. “I’ve loved trying to find a mode to marque radical laugh, adjacent erstwhile the stories are peculiarly s***y, adjacent connected the worst days. We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together.”

He did not stock erstwhile his last amusement would be, but said he’d inactive beryllium astir for awhile.

“Don’t worry, i’m not disappearing,” Noah said. “If I beryllium you money, I’ll inactive wage you.”