'The Joy Luck Club' may be getting a sequel

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Kieu Chinh, Ming-Na Wen, Tamlyn Tomita, Tsai Chin, France Nuyen, Lauren Tom, Lisa Lu and Rosalind Chao successful  "The Joy Luck Club."

Almost 30 years aft the groundbreaking Asian American film “The Joy Luck Club” released, plans are being made for a caller film that volition downside up with the characters from the original. 

According to Deadline, a sequel is a success development with Oscar-prevailing screenwriter Ron Bass and author Amy Tan that volition continue the communicative primarily based totally linked her bestselling caller of the aforesaid name. 

The 1993 film starred Rosalind Chao, Lisa Lu, Tally Toyota, and Ming-Na Wen. It instructed the multi-generational communicative of an intensive of Chinese moms and their Chinese American daughters.

The film’s prevalence is credited for supporting to pave the mode for unique Asian and Asian American projects, such as Margaret CHO’s 1994 sitcom “All-American Girl” and later, the 2018 film “Crazy Rich Asians. ”

Members of the archetypal “Joy Luck Club” fashioned are reportedly a success negotiation to instrumentality for the sequel, which volition absorption linked the moms a success the archetypal gift being grandmothers and their daughters being moms. 

A supervisor has but to beryllium introduced for the caller film.