Steve-O from 'Jackass' talks approximately his craziest stunt yet: Self-assist author

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Steve-O performs astatine  The Stress Factory Comedy Club connected  December 7, 2021 successful  New Brunswick, New Jersey.

It’s not that Steve-O wants to die. He conscionable doesn’t privation to turn aged either.

At least, that’s what helium says the archetypal section of his caller book, “A Hard Kick successful the Nuts: What I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions,” is about.

In the chapter, aptly titled “Don’t beryllium Afraid of Death, Be Afraid of Getting Old,” helium admits to feeling jealous erstwhile his “Jackass” co-star Ryan Dunn died successful a fiery car clang successful 2011 astatine property 34, conscionable a fewer months aft the merchandise of the 3rd installment of the “Jackass” movie franchise.

“My instrumentality connected decease was – and I accidental successful (the book) and I’ve ne'er said this anyplace other – that astatine the constituent erstwhile Ryan Dunn died, we had conscionable had a No. 1 movie travel out. It was hardly six months (after) the (release of a) No. 1 container bureau deed movie. And I accidental helium was young, helium looked great, he’d ne'er been successful immoderate fiscal distress, helium was connected apical of the world,” Steve-O explains. “He’d ne'er gotten to a constituent wherever helium was successful immoderate undignified place. (He) didn’t person to turn old, didn’t person to person his assemblage deteriorate. He went retired connected top, you know? In my view, helium went retired connected top, and I felt similar portion of me, if not each of me, felt jealous of that.”

Now 48, Steve-O has learned the worth of aging.

He’s matured, helium says. He’s been sober for 14 years, and erstwhile we spoke, helium was connected a 985-day meditation streak. He does 40 minutes a day.

“I person an unshakeable content that it causes the beingness to conspire successful my favor,” helium says.

This, from a feline who got celebrated by throwing himself into painful, life-threatening and embarrassing situations. Like the clip helium dangled himself implicit unrecorded alligators wearing earthy chickenhearted successful a jock strap. Or erstwhile helium enactment a food hook done his rima and swam successful shark-infested waters successful the Gulf of Mexico.

Reflecting connected it now, helium believes helium was “mocking and taunting death” due to the fact that “I was huffy astatine it.”

After getting kicked retired of assemblage and experiencing homelessness aboriginal on, Steve-O says helium “legitimately thought that I was going to neglect astatine life.”

“I expected to dice precise young, having failed astatine life. And I was huffy astatine the thought of dying – like, not lone americium I gonna dice young having failed, but like, everybody’s gonna die,” helium says.

If helium tin travel retired the different broadside of his lowest moments, anyone can, helium says. Hence the book.

“It’s a publication of wisdom, which I’ve gleaned from intelligibly a beingness of unspeakable decisions,” helium says, laughing. “And I accidental a batch of unflattering worldly astir myself.”

The 2nd section is connected sex, and “goes into extreme, benignant of graphic details,” helium says.

“I truly item however outta power I got with acting retired sexually,” helium says. “I got to a constituent wherever I was approaching 40 years aged and I was conscionable like, ‘man, the mode I’m acting is not the way to being happy.’”

He yet subscribed to the thought that his aboriginal happiness was babelike upon learning however to beryllium successful a steadfast relationship.

“Finding a beingness spouse and stability, I truly got proactive astir doing the work. This was my mantra. I was doing the enactment to go the antheral that the emotion of my beingness deserves,” helium says, “That’s benignant of the contented of that chapter.”

He is presently dating a prop decorator from Los Angeles.

The thought astatine enactment successful the book, helium says, is to help, but besides poke amusive and the ridiculousness of him being a self-help author.

“What makes it enactment is that there’s astir apt 90% unbelievably shocking existent stories astir my beingness and possibly 10 percent existent contented to beryllium gleaned and possibly the 10 percent helps you,” helium says. “It’s patently absurd to deliberation that a self-help publication of contented is coming from Steve O.”

Of course, helium decided to beforehand the publication successful existent Steve-O fashion, helium says – “going down the 405 Freeway successful Los Angeles astatine 50 mph connected a plaything set, mounted connected apical of a truck.”

As usual, helium made it retired alive.