Khloe Kardashian says a skin cancer scare is the reason for her recent face bandage

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Khloé Kardashian, seen present  astatine  The 2022 Met Gala connected  May 02, 2022, has opened up   astir  a tegument  crab  scare.

CNN  — 

Khloe Kardashian is speaking retired astir the value of getting tegument crab checks aft experiencing a scare of her own.

The world star, 38, revealed successful an Instagram communicative connected Tuesday that she precocious had to acquisition country to region a tumor from her celebrated face.

The revelation came aft Kardashian said she had noticed “numerous stories going astir astir the ever-evolving bandage connected my face.”

Kardashian said she decided to get a “small bump” checked retired 7 months aft realizing “it was not budging,” astatine archetypal reasoning it was “something arsenic insignificant arsenic a zit.”

But aft consultation with 2 dermatologists and 2 biopsies, Kardashian was advised “to person an contiguous cognition to region a tumor” from her face, noting that what the doctors were seeing “was incredibly uncommon for idiosyncratic my age.”

On the adjacent slide, the parent of 2 wrote she was “grateful” to her surgeon.

“All my margins look wide and present we determination connected the healing process,” she wrote. “You’ll proceed to spot my bandages and erstwhile I’m allowed, you’ll astir apt spot a scar (and an indentation successful my feature from the tumor being removed) but until past I anticipation you bask however fabulous I’m making these look bandages look.”

In 1 selfie, Kardashian is seen with a tiny rectangular achromatic bandage covering her close cheek.

Later successful her stories, the Good American laminitis wrote that she is sharing her communicative truthful that she “can punctual everyone to get checked, and frequently.”

Kardashian said she had a melanoma removed from her backmost erstwhile she was 19 but advised adjacent those who are not predisposed to tegument crab to “be checking each the time.”

“I was fortunate and each I person is simply a scar to archer a communicative with,” she said. “Most radical aren’t arsenic fortunate arsenic maine and I americium everlastingly thankful.”