Katie Couric shares an update on her breast cancer treatment

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Katie Couric, present  successful  Sept. 24, has shared an update connected  her crab  diagnosis.

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Katie Couric has shared an update connected the attraction she is receiving pursuing a bosom crab diagnosis implicit the summer.

The erstwhile “Today” host, who was diagnosed successful June, underwent country successful July and began radiation Sept. 7. She has completed 15 days of radiation, she said during an quality connected NBC connected Monday.

“I’m feeling great. I’m conscionable getting implicit a acold … but I’m feeling conscionable fine. I finished radiation past week,” she said. “They said it made you tired, I was really not excessively bushed from it. I had a lumpectomy successful July.”

She added, “I conscionable consciousness ace fortunate that it was diagnosed erstwhile it was. That I went adjacent though I was late, that I went erstwhile I did.”

Couric went for a bosom exam successful the summertime and was told she needed a biopsy.

“I was like, ‘Uh-oh, what does that mean,’ and she said, ‘I deliberation there’s thing we truly request to biopsy and I privation to bash it today.’ So I thought, ‘Oh, my God! You indispensable beryllium kidding me.’”

She was stunned by the news, she said.

“I recovered retired the adjacent day, she called me, I was beauteous stunned. I deliberation those words, ‘It’s cancerous oregon you person cancer’ bash halt you successful your tracks,” she said.

“But she told maine it was treatable, we needed to person a plan. So I went from feeling shocked to not that shocked fixed my family’s history, to relieved due to the fact that my vulnerability to crab with Jay [her precocious husband] and Emily [her precocious sister] and my mother-in-law … they were each precocious and the prognosis was truly tough, truthful I felt truthful grateful, honestly,” she said.

Couric mislaid her archetypal husband, Jay Monahan, to colon crab successful 1998 erstwhile helium was 42. She waited a fewer days to process her ain diagnosis earlier telling her daughters Carrie and Ellie.

“I waited a fewer days truthful I could process it and truly recognize what we’re dealing with. And I FaceTimed each of them,” she said. “I was precise reassuring, but I saw successful their faces. It’s conscionable hard to present that quality nary substance however you bash it.”

She encouraged women to docket a mammogram.