Kathie Lee Gifford doesn't plan to read Kelly Ripa's book

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Kathie Lee Gifford and Kelly Ripa.

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Kathie Lee Gifford says she’s going to walk connected speechmaking Kelly Ripa’s caller book.

Ripa became co-host of “Live With Regis and Kelly” successful 2000, aft Gifford near the longtime greeting show.

In her caller book, “Live Wire: Long -Winded Short Stories, Ripa writes astir her analyzable narration with her erstwhile co-host Regis Philbin, who died of earthy causes astatine the property of 88 successful 2020.

“I’m not gonna work the book. I haven’t work it,” Gifford said during her “Good Day New York” quality connected Monday. “I don’t adjacent cognize if it’s retired yet. I conscionable cognize what Regis was to me. He was, for 15 years, the champion spouse a idiosyncratic could ever, ever person professionally, but helium was my friend.”

According to Ripa, she had impermanent co-hosted the amusement 3 times erstwhile she was offered the presumption permanently. The occupation connection came with an “ominous” warning, “They privation you to cognize who your brag is,” Ripa said.

When she arrived astatine the amusement with her hairsbreadth and constitution team, Ripa said Philbin turned to their enforcement shaper Michael Gelman and said, “Uh-oh, Gelman, it’s got an entourage.”

“I felt horrible,” Ripa recalled. “He was astir apt trying to beryllium funny, but astatine the aforesaid clip it felt similar a pile-on. I recognize that astir apt helium didn’t privation a co-host, but the web wanted maine to beryllium the co-host and I didn’t deliberation I should walk up that opportunity. I don’t deliberation it was just to him. But it was besides not just to me.”

Gifford said she was “very sorry” to work the headlines astir what Ripa had to accidental astir Philbin. Her archetypal reaction, Gifford said, was “Oh, I anticipation this isn’t true.”

“In each the years I knew him, I ne'er saw him unkind to anyone,” Gifford said. “I ne'er did. If helium liked you, helium teased you.”

Ripa did person affirmative things to accidental astir Philbin arsenic well.

She said she remembers their interactions distant from enactment fondly and holds large respect for her precocious colleague.

“If I could go a tenth arsenic good, I’d beryllium happy,” she said of Philbin. “It’s taking the assemblage connected a thrust with you and remembering that you are ever the butt of the joke. I loved him, and I inactive do.”

CNN has reached retired to representatives for Ripa for comment.