Eva Mendes says she 'never quit acting'

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Eva Mendes, present  successful  2017, is addressing suggestions she discontinue  acting.

CNN  — 

Eva Mendes whitethorn person been disconnected the country for awhile, but she’s disputing the information that she’s retired of the game.

The “Hitch” prima precocious posted a video connected her verified Instagram relationship that was a compilation of immoderate headlines astir her supposedly quitting acting.

“I ne'er discontinue acting,” Mendes wrote successful the caption. “I wanted to beryllium location with my babies and fortunately my different concern ventures allowed maine to bash that much than acting would.”

She shares 2 young daughters with longtime spouse Ryan Gosling and said she “was not excited astir the stereotypical roles being offered to maine astatine the time.”

“Especially aft moving connected the movie LOST RIVER - that was a imagination project,” Mendes wrote. “That’s a pugnacious enactment to follow.”

“Lost River” is simply a 2014 movie written and directed by Gosling successful which Mendes costarred.

She ended her Instagram station writing, “Whats the constituent of this post? To displacement that narrative. I ne'er quit.”