Bob Saget's final film will premiere at the Austin Film Festival

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Late histrion  Bob Saget, present  successful  2021, stars successful  an upcoming movie   that is acceptable   to premiere astatine  the Austin Film Festival.

CNN  — 

Those down the movie “Daniel’s Gotta Die” are saddened that Bob Saget didn’t unrecorded to spot it.

The movie, acceptable to premiere aboriginal this period astatine the Austin Film Festival, stars Saget successful what turned retired to beryllium his last starring relation successful a film. The histrion and comedian died January astatine the property of 65.

“Bob’s passing came arsenic a daze to the full ‘Daniel’s Gotta Die’ team. He was a collaborator done and done and helium truly loved this film,” Jeremy LaLonde, the film’s director, said successful a statement. “It’s with large sadness that helium ne'er got to spot it finished. I can’t hold to spot however audiences respond to his last show astatine Austin Film Festival with his last acquisition to each that loved him.”

Matthew Dressel, a writer connected the film, said Saget brought his bosom to the project.

“Bob genuinely loved the publication and took connected a precise fatherly relation close from the start; anxious to assistance retired successful immoderate mode helium could,” Dressel said.

“He truly brought the character’s bosom to the aboveground of the publication and was intent connected making definite helium ever got it conscionable right. On acceptable helium ever had the publication pages in-hand and spoke with maine often astir making definite the quality was arsenic I intended,” helium added. “If there’s 1 idiosyncratic who deserved to spot this movie it’s Bob and I volition ever beryllium bittersweet helium cannot. He helped america trade a beauteous and heart-warming send-off and I deliberation radical volition truly admit it.”

The movie centers astir a antheral trying to reconnect with his household who would alternatively termination him for his inheritance. It besides stars Joel David Moore, Jason Jones, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Carly Chaikin and Iggy Pop.

More than 33 films are included successful this year’s festival, which is acceptable to tally from October 27 to November 3 successful Austin, Texas.