Anna Sorokin, the real-life 'Inventing Anna,' is out of jail

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Anna Sorokin, the fake heiress Netflix’s “Inventing Anna” is based on, was released from ICE detention connected Friday.

Juda Engelmayer, a spokesperson for Sorokin, confirmed her merchandise successful an email to CNN Friday night.

“She volition stay nether the supervision of ICE, but volition beryllium capable to combat her deportation escaped from carnal custody,” said John Sandweg, a erstwhile acting manager of Immigration and Customs Enforcement who’s connected Sorokin’s ineligible team.

Immigration Judge Charles Conroy cleared the mode for Sorokin’s merchandise earlier this week, mounting her enslaved astatine $10,000 and requiring her to travel definite conditions. Among them: staying disconnected societal media and remaining astatine the aforesaid residential code 24 hours a time portion her lawsuit proceeds.

The judge’s ruling besides said ICE whitethorn usage an ankle show to support tabs connected Sorokin.

A spokesperson for ICE said Sorokin was being released Friday aft the judge’s ruling.

She’d been successful ICE detention for 17 months, according to her lawyer – mostly astatine the Orange County Correctional Facility successful upstate New York, astir 60 miles from New York City.

“We are grateful that the Court agreed that her continued detention is unnecessary,” Sandweg said successful a connection Friday.

Sorokin was recovered blameworthy of stealing much than $200,000 from banks and friends portion scamming her mode into New York society, the Manhattan District Attorney said aft her 2019 conviction.

Her lawsuit drew wide attraction aft a 2018 New York mag article.

That nonfiction became the ground of Shonda Rhimes’ “Inventing Anna,” a dramatization that released connected Netflix successful February and rapidly became 1 of the streamer’s astir fashionable shows. Actress Julia Garner, champion known for her Emmy-winning relation arsenic Ruth connected “Ozark,” played Sorokin.

The amusement ends with Sorokin’s conviction. But successful existent life, the play has continued.

Sorokin was released from jailhouse successful February 2021 aft serving astir 4 years connected theft and larceny charges. But it wasn’t agelong earlier she ended up backmost down bars.

ICE took custody of Sorokin connected March 25, 2021. In November, the Board of Immigration Appeals granted an exigency enactment successful her case, according to ICE. She’s been warring her deportation – and besides joined a radical of plaintiffs suing the bureau earlier this year, alleging they’d requested and been denied Covid booster shots portion successful custody. They dropped their suit successful March aft receiving the shots, according to tribunal records.

While she’s been detained, predominant posts person been made connected Sorokin’s societal media accounts. Recently they’ve highlighted Sorokin’s artwork, which was featured successful a New York amusement successful May.

Earlier this twelvemonth an lawyer representing Sorokin told NBC News that helium feared her deportation erstwhile helium couldn’t scope her, but connection aboriginal emerged that she was inactive successful ICE custody.

Soon afterward, Sorokin spoke retired from down bars, telling the “Call Her Daddy” podcast that she ne'er claimed to beryllium a German heiress.

“I was from Germany, which was true, but cipher ever asked maine astir my job,” Sorokin said. “Nobody asks who are your parents and however overmuch wealth bash they make. It’s conscionable outrageous.”

She told big Alex Cooper that she ne'er “told immoderate senseless lies.”

But she admitted – benignant of – to lying astir her presumption and background.

“I conjecture I did,” she said. “I mean, I cannot archer an nonstop instance, but I’m sure.”

Sorokin besides said she was amazed by the public’s fascination with her story.

“It was conscionable truly a astonishment to maine that radical would be, like, truthful funny successful the mode I went astir the things, due to the fact that it conscionable made truthful overmuch consciousness to me,” she said.